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Michelle Obama dresses better than you

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The Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective, part II

Secrets to Michelle’s unique fashions REVEALED! (Courtesy of Snob reader Sandra W. and the Wall Street Journal)

Her name is Maria Pinto (pictured with Michelle above) and she is the woman behind many of the possible First Lady’s signature looks. The bell sleeves, the tailored suits, the simple color palettes, all created by a Chicago-based designer who will open her first boutique in the “windy city,” June 2008 according to blog “Runway to Retail.”

The shop is to be located in the West Loop at 133 N. Jefferson St., neighboring Sepia restaurant. I write this because A LOT of blog traffic has come my way by people desperate to read more about Michelle and her clothes. I thought I was the only one curious, but apparently the chic, simple look Michelle’s rocking has folks clamoring for her clothes. So once I got a name it was easy to find out everything you ever wanted know now about the clothes Michelle rocks and the woman behind the designs.

Pinto described her style in Chicago Magazine as, “Feminine with some punch. My signature look for day is always a crazy combination of a great lace skirt or a laser-cut leather skirt, a Diesel T-shirt, and always an inspiring piece of jewelry. This combination lifts my spirits, has comfort and fantasy, and gets me through my day.”

Writes Runway to Retail:

Pinto’s luxurious designs have been a mainstay on Chicago’s elite, including Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, the stylish wife of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who is often photographed in a Maria Pinto design. Now shoppers will be able to have access to her beautiful ready-to-wear collection with an inviting new shopping experience. “The store will be a natural extension of my atelier,” said Maria Pinto. “My collections are known for well-edited luxury; each garment incorporates innovative materials and sophisticated tailoring from beginning to end. This attention to detail will be reflected in the environment of the retail space from the moment a client walks through the door.”

Boy. Makes me wish I was rich. And I wonder, did Oprah hip Michelle to Pinto? The mind reels at the notion. But it would make sense. A First Lady prospect needs to look her best and Oprah’s unabashedly pro-Obama, and it’s likely she was pro-Obama long before Obamamania was new and may have slipped Michelle a card.

Here’s a sampling of Pinto’s spring collection. The designer’s style should feel highly familiar to all Michelle Obama watchers.

And now for another look at Michelle Obama, dressing better than The Snob. (To see previous retrospective click here.)

The Fearless Fashionista

Afraid of wearing white? Most women are, but not Michelle Obama. She’s fearless, donning white tons of time without concern which is mind-numbing considering she’s the mother of two daughters who are probably quite “handsy” as they’re still at that “mommy look what I made” sticky fingers age. But just like she’s not afraid to go out on the stump for Barack, go to battle with his detractors (she’s talking about you, Bill) or glare down her own tormentors, and that’s you, Ms. Cindy McCain who blinked and hid the minute someone called you on your “proud of your country” slam. You weren’t proud enough to man up on Michelle Obama, but I can’t blame her. Michelle, as lovely as she is, looks like she would cut a bitch … while wearing white.

First two pictures above from Vanity Fair magazine shoots for a piece on the Obama campaign in 2007.

Rocking the Stump

When you’re out there Tammy Wynetting you’re not just representing yourself, but a whole movement united behind your husband, future POTUS, the real David Palmer (only your spouse still wuvs you). So what do you wear? Lots of black belts, houndstooth, pinstripes, shirt dresses and conservative, but fashionable suits. Her closet must be crammed with clothes, although that black belt seems to be a favorite of hers. She’s wearing it in three of the following nine photos.

The Night Time is the Right Time to Look Hotter Than Everyone Else

If you don’t believe me that Michelle has her clothes skills on point, just get a look at her when she turns resplendent in the evening. The lights go low and the cameras start flashing and a star is born. With her 5’11” super model height she dares to straighten up and throw those shoulders back, announcing to the world, “Make way! The future First Lady has arrived!”

This pictures also cement that, dare I say it, Michelle and Barack are an amazingly good looking couple. I mean, seriously. One can only wish for that level of intelligence and hotness in one relationship.

At a Chicago charity event in 2005

At a BET event.

Michelle in a satin light blue with her brother Craig Robinson at a charity event in 2007

These are from 2007’s NAACP Image Awards courtesy of Snob reader Nonie.


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March 1, 2008 at 4:51 pm

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CBS gives it the FOX touch

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I don’t know if it’s the low ratings or the fact that they laid off some folks awhile back, but … um, CBS News? Your bias is showing.

Wow. No one will mistake these people for “Dan Rather” liberals. I only say this though because of how Hillary Clinton’s “Fact Check” piece went.

Gee? Notice a difference. Hmm … maybe CBS felt guilty because of all the attention, negative or otherwise, they’d given Sen. Clinton, but methinks that’s not it.

Recently CBS took an amazingly right wing slant on a FISA update story.

The reporter, Bob Orr, chalked everything up to “partisan” caterwauling. He didn’t go into any depths about how this was all being held up by the Republicans who are refusing to acquiesce immunity for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and the rest of the telecom giants. That this “endangering” of America is all so the telecoms can’t be sued. Of course if they haven’t broken the law why would anyone be suing? Unless the government, by process of elimination, is saying, “Yeah, we broke the law.”

The story also flubbed all over the fact that the White House’s threats were one big mulligan by failing to report that only the Protect America Act, which caused this telecom nightmare, would be affected and that FISA is still in effect. That existing wiretaps are still being monitored and that the original version of FISA worked fine from 2002 (after 9/11) until 2006, so say several former and current Bush Administration officials.

So basically George W. and Co. are asking us to just “trust them” when they say that they’ll only look at the “terrorist” data, ignoring the fact that the telecoms don’t give them solely the terrorist data.

They give them everything.

But none of that really came up in CBS’s report. No civil liberties issues. No really pissed of Libertarians. No people with legitimate concerns, just Katie Couric n’ the gang chalkin’ it all up to “partisan bickering” instead of partisan cock blocking to protect the president, the White House, the NSA and the Telecom’s from having to admit that, “hey, we might have done something illegal” and “hey, we might have to go to jail for this.”


But the Obama thing is pretty alarming considering for months it’s been nothing but kid gloves at CBA with the man, and the minute Hillary looks like she’s about to go down for the count the preemptive knives come out. No warning. No nothing, just a lot of “look at that shady black guy with the shady church and the shady dealings with the shady Rezko and what’s Farrakhan doing there? Hey, that looks sinister. And look at these pictures of Barack in creepy apparal from Islmo-fascists R Us.” I half expected them to drain the screen of its color and show Barack walking in slo-mo while that “To Catch A Predator” music under the footage.

I hate being right.

I don’t say out-loud how the press out of sheer boredom will begin to spin rumors and innuendos into truths and out right lies into grand spectacles of entertainment presenting the art of character assassination as theater, I don’t say this because I want these things to come true. I just care so much, far more than I cared during during the Clinton years when eight years of lies and character assassination went on and that was with white people, not with cruel sting of racism overt and covert. It’s not going to get better. I’ve seen this movie before. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but the agents of intolerance will be satisfied with nothing short of unmitigated surrender and suppression and the press will happily film it all, live at 11 for the ratings.

I know that none of this is new. But I never enjoy it. I know what is coming and it rhymes with a “T” and ends in an “e” and it’s being bankrolled by the friends of the Republican National Committee.

Well, if it were easy to get there we’d all be president.

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March 1, 2008 at 4:13 am