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Mission Accomplished

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TO: Lt. Dr. Stankonimilitant, Psy Ops


SUBJ: Clinton proposal

Doctor S, SCAN is in a festive mood! Folks been poppin bottles like they won the Super Bowl! Sooooooul Train blaring on every TV in HQ. Congratulations are in order! No one at SCAN has any idea how you got Senator Clinton to say “assassination” and “Obama” in the same breath, but you did it!

Dr. S, between me and you, what did you do? Drug her? Bribe her? “Promise” her a post in the Obama administration? Threaten her life? Bill’s? Chelsea’s? Photoshop pictures of her and threaten to leak them? Kidnap her family? Bill’s family? SCAN knows that you can be a bit of a loose cannon, but this is brilliant! Dr. S, I’m in line for a promotion off of what you did. I won’t forget you, bruh! SCAN execs are contemplating going on a week-long vacation. Caribbean, son! Holla atcha boy when I gets back. 1…



TO: SCAN HQ, Agent Q

FROM: Lt. Dr. Stankonimilitant, Psy Ops

SUBJ: Re: Clinton proposal

Agent Q, in all honesty, that wasn’t me. The good Dr was workin on gettin the pieces into place to bring this theater of the absurd to an end. Regrettably that was all Senator Clinton’s (un)doing. It was quite stunning to hear and rehear and rehear. The good Dr is checking on Obama’s Secret Service detail for potential problems. If harm comes to Obama, someone is gettin Stankonized, please believe. It will be the Syriana way.

Q, since you gettin big upped, what about me? Dr. S been in the field eatin ramen noodles and s**t, gathering intel for SCAN. Q, a small request. Dr. S wants to lead Psy Ops. No physical harm, no bodies except for Flava Flav. You have my word.

*Written by SCAN’s regular contributor Dr. Stankoniforous. If you have an idea or want to write for SCAN send an email to The Black Snob.


Written by blacksnob

May 30, 2008 at 1:25 am

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  1. lol omg. this site. is. AWESOME.

    Brokey McPoverty

    June 4, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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