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Barack, Michelle and Barbara!

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Barack and Michelle being adorable and inspiring with Barbara Walters. Check out the rest of the interview on Faith’s blog — Acts of Faith In Love and Life.


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November 28, 2008 at 12:20 pm

More of the Obamas at the Food Bank/Catholic School!

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Best part, you can see BOTH Obama daughters in these shots. No more random dude obscuring her little, shorty-short self from view. The photos are by The Associated Press and feature the Obama family’s visit to a Chicago food pantry and Catholic school Wednesday. Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving. All five Snobs of the Snob family are together (even the infamous Baby Snob!) trading stories and stuffing our faces.

I love the shots of Barack and family in the Catholic school. Those kiddies were stoked to see the president-elect. Can’t really blame them. One of my grandpa’s most cherished photos is of one taken with him and former President Jimmy Carter. President Carter had come to Arkansas to fish and my grandpa worked for a family who knew the Carter family. I don’t know how he felt about Carter pre-photo, but out of all the photos my grandpa ever took the one with Carter is one of the rare shots of him smiling.

The majority of us will never meet the president, or any president, so … GO NUTS, KIDDIES!

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November 27, 2008 at 8:19 pm

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Veronica Lewis bows for President-elect Barack Obama, and his family, from left, Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha, 7, (hidden) Malia, 10, distributing Thanksgiving turkeys at the food bank at St. Columbanus Catholic Church on the South Side of Chicago today. (AP Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais, from The Swamp political blog)

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November 27, 2008 at 7:38 pm

Details Magazine Takes a Left, Gives Obama’s Secret Service Agent Top Spot on "Power 40" Ranking

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What is it with folks and their fascination with Obama’s high target status?

From Esquire’s press release:

DETAILS is releasing our DETAILS Power List- the 40 Most Influential Men in the World. Who’s #1? Obama’s Secret Service Agent claims the #1 spot on the DETAILS Power List, who, according to DETAILS, is the only thing standing between the free world and a catastrophe. Yes, it’s amazing to witness the historic, anything-can-happen triumph of Barack Obama, but “anything can happen” is precisely what we need to be worried about. As America’s first black president-elect, explains DETAILS, Obama is a walking provocation to racists everywhere.

I know Details just wants to be “different” from the other magazines, like Esquire and GQ who have been French kissing hope to sling copies ever since he announced his candidacy, but giving the Secret Service props because Barack Obama is such a huge target both politically and symbolically is kind of lame.

It’s also a wee morose while at the same time saying that all American presidents relatively meaningless assassination-wise until Obama. One could argue that being the leader of the wealthiest nation with the most expensive and technologically advanced military AND having oodles of influence at home and abroad already makes you a walking target for fear and loathing. Blackness is merely an added “wow” factor.

While Obama freaks out the racists something plentiful, of the presidents who have either been assassinated or survived the attempts there was an extremely high number of rogue nutjobs. President McKinley was shot by an anarchist. President Ronald Reagan was shot by a deranged Jodie Foster/Taxi Driver stalker/fan. While, the wackadoodle number is up with Obama, every president has to deal with it. I don’t think the Secret Service deserves any extra points for getting a black guy this time.

Here’s some from the actual article:

Let’s face it: The audacity of hope is about to be tested by the tenacity of fear. Yes, it’s amazing to witness the historic, anything-can-happen triumph of Barack Obama’s 21st-century march on Washington, but if you’re old enough to remember the black-and-white flicker of mid-20th-century TV footage you know that the concept “anything can happen” is precisely what we need to be worried about. As America’s first black president-elect, Obama is a walking provocation to racists everywhere. Maybe for a while you had faith that the country was past all that—but then you heard those voices from the rabid mob barking “Kill him!” at Sarah Palin’s and John McCain’s rallies, and instantly the ghosts of JFK and RFK and MLK and Malcolm X began to float on the horizon. “Some idiot out there’s going to put a bullet in that silver-tongued devil and then there’ll be a race war,” Thomas Stevenson, an Atlanta carpenter, told the Roswell Beacon in late May—which inspired an illustration featuring Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle. And it wasn’t just “real Americans” like Tom the Carpenter who provided revealing blurts from the collective subconscious. Doris Lessing, the Nobel laureate, mused to a Swedish newspaper, “Obama would certainly not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would murder him.” All of which means that a tremendous burden rests on the blue line of Barack Obama’s security detail.

FYI: Don’t take this list super seriously. It’s the end of the year and every magazine will be slapping together these sorts of rankings and Details, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Vogue, et al, have to do their darnedest to write something that will get some buzz. Along with anonymous secret service guy, Details adds the following to their purposely unconventional list: “The National Enquirer Reporter,” all Palin’s men (husband, sons and the guy who knocked her daughter up), singer John Mayer (for being a “press whore.” Their words. Not mine), Lil Wayne, Guns N’ Roses long-delayed released “Chinese Democracy,” Thomas Beatie, the “Pregnant Man” who isn’t a man, and a bunch of other folks who make no sense.

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November 26, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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The Obamas Get Face Time With Barbara

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When not trying to save the economy by holding daily press conferences, President-Elect Barack Obama spends his time enjoying his last few moments of freedom before he becomes ours, all ours. He also gives interviews. “60 Minutes” got their stab at rating’s gold, now it’s Barbara Wah-Wah’s turn. Both Obamas (him and hers) will be interviewed by Walters as part of an ABC News special airing Wednesday (tonight) night. Check your listings!

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November 26, 2008 at 3:30 pm

When Usher Impersonators Hawk McNuggets

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I can’t decide if he’s parodying anyone specific or simply doing a parody of a parody of a parody about fast food and R&B music videos. McDonald’s tends to make amazingly dumb commercials when they are geared towards African Americans (remember “Calvin” getting a job at McDonald’s, as later parodied by Dave Chappelle? Or a then unknown Tyrese Gibson singing on a bus? Oops. That was Coca Cola. Or that horrible little kid with the boombox in the “Cha Cha Slide” commercial about the apple dippers? Or anything involving rapping?) This commercial is amazingly cornball, but it’s in that catagory of “corny things I love” right now. It didn’t make me want to buy any nuggets, but I did find the words “McNugget lovin'” have officially entered my lexicon. Way to go, Madison Avenue!

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November 26, 2008 at 12:00 pm

The Assassination Waltz

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People keep joking about the untimely demise of President-Elect Barack Obama and it continues to not be funny. Take “artist” Apollo Braun’s (aka Doron Braunshtein’s) sweatshirt opus — Who Killed Obama?

From Gawker:

Now that we have a glorious, hopey new president, it’s time for the assholes to come out. Idiot L.E.S. designer Apollo Braun—famous for being the idiot who makes sweatshirts saying “Who Killed Obama?”— has issued a mumbly press release declaring that he will not stop making his idiot sweatshirts, despite alleged pressure from the FBI, which may or may not be a likely fabrication like the rest of the idiot’s stories. He also gives an appropriately amusing quote!:

“I am not saying ‘Kill Obama’ I am only saying, ‘Who Killed Obama?’ And yes, you may say that I am predicting the near future … I am still not sure if this is the best pop art creation I have ever made, or if it is the worst pop art creation I have ever made. But one thing is certain, it is definitely one pop creation that asks a lot of questions and evokes a lot of emotions in people… If I wouldn’t do it, as an artist, who will?”


This isn’t Braun’s first attempt at being an asshole. He’s a repeat offender. He created the “Who Killed Obama?” shirt back in March around the same time he was pushing an “Obama Is My Slave” T-shirt. He expressed horror that some individuals — who may or may have not been Negroes — expressed their discontent in the most forceful language possible. He even claimed he got roughed up by some unruly black girls, but that alleged assault is highly in doubt. Besides, claiming you were pimped slapped by tweens wearing skinny jeans who are two years out of the “That’s So Raven” phase does not inspire empathy. I really don’t think he was horrified by all the negative attention so much as he was delightfully pleased. He’s one of those boring, pseudo hipster artist provocateurs.

[B.d.], who left the Holy Land for New York in the summer of 2001, is no stranger to controversy. One of his fashion shows featured a gay wedding between two models, one with a mask of President George W. Bush, the other wearing an Osama bin Laden mask. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of any politicians, stating he is no fan of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and that Sen. John McCain “is not the answer” for America. His line of anti-Obama shirts has been on sale since March, sporting slogans like “Jews Against Obama,” “Obama = Hitler,” and “Who Killed Obama?” the latter of which the designer claims has sold 1,200. They sell for anywhere from $69 to $250.

I think he should just drop it and leave this sort of thing to the professionals. And by professionals I mean Ann Coulter.

Seriously. She doesn’t come down to your job and knock the mop out of your hand, Pseudo Hipster Boy. Get off her race-baiting turf.

That said, since Obama started running two years ago he has endured countless threats and acts of really tacky art, including the racist whack-a-doodle clusterfuck that developed around the time when Gov. Sarah Palin was singing her no. 1 alt/country/folk/rock hit “Obama’s Been Pal’in Around With Terrorists (Wouldn’t You Rather Be Palin Around With Me?)”

Palin talked about infamous William Ayers so much she’s still blabbering about him in interviews, but as a wise woman in a weave and hot pants once told me, if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it.

Before that there were whack-a-doodles and art exhibits like the double threat of “The Assassination of Barack Obama” and “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton” created by “artist” Yazmany Arboleda earlier this year. The exhibit memorably featured a picture of Obama’s adorable daughters with “Nappy Headed Hos” at the top (pictured above). I believe the exhibit was supposed to make you think. All I could think was that the artist was a tool. Like Pseudo Hipster Boy here, the artist was in it for the attention.

They’re shock artists.

Sometimes shock art has a value and sometimes it’s just tasteless boosterism. Look how edgy I am. I made a sculpture of Osama bin Laden raping Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch as Suri looks on and a pigeon poops on Xenu. Wow. I am so bad ass now. For $65, I’ll put it on a T-shirt.

I don’t see this stopping anytime soon — the unfunny jokes, crappy assassination art and the deranged — so for those who actually care we are going to have to endure. After all, that’s what the Obamas will be doing as a family. Trying to fix the country’s 1,001 problems while enduring the BS that comes with the job.

We will have to endure the threats, the shock artists and the whack-a-doodles and, dare I say it, the Sarah Palin, unless something happens that renders them all pop political eunuchs. Unless something happens that makes white supremacist groups stop using Obama’s election as a recruitment tool, this is our future.

Reserve your outrage for something worthy. This tool is not it. This was more of a public service announcement. When it’s “clobberin’ time” you’ll know. For now, simply vent as I have or share your coping mechanisms with myself and the others.

Right now, I’m just going to shout a stream of explitives then take some Clonazepam. That’s how I’m making it through the next four years — Brave. Angry. Neurotic. It’s the Black Snob way.

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November 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm