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Blago Picks Burris, Continuing the Greatest Political Show On Earth

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Embattled Ill. Gov. “Hot” Rod Blagojevich never fails to disappoint.

Throwing everyone a curveball Tuesday, Hot Rod picked the esteemed careerist, four decades plus Democratic veteran/law & order, former Illinois Attorney General and first popularly elected black state official Roland Burris as his appointment to President-elect Barack Obama’s senate seat.

CHICAGO — Defying U.S. Senate leaders and his own state’s lawmakers, Gov. Blagojevich on Tuesday appointed former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to replace President-elect Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate. Blagojevich, accused of trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder, praised the 71-year-old Burris’ integrity and asked that the corruption allegations not “taint this good and honest man.”

“The people of Illinois are entitled to have two United States senators represent them in Washington D.C.,” Blagojevich said. “As governor I am required to make this appointment.”

Burris, standing at the governor’s side, said he’s eager to get to work in Washington. He said he has no connection to the charges against Blagojevich, who was arrested on Dec. 9 and accused of trying to profit from appointing Obama’s replacement.

Burris was the first African-American elected to major statewide office. He’s served as Illinois’ comptroller and ran for governor three times _ the last time losing to Blagojevich. (Huffington Post)


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is continuing his swan song that the senate will not accept anyone the tainted Blago picks into the Dem caucus. But by picking Burris, Hot Rod has thrown down the ultimate triple dog dare — pass over my qualified black appointment, haters! — a point clarified at the press conference in even simpler terms by Illinois Dem. Rep. Bobby Rush*.

*Not to be confused by the chittlin’ circuit, nightfishin’, proudly henpecked — pecked by the right henbluesman Bobby Rush who enjoys serenading thicky-thick girls. Because with a mama who loves blues from Arkansas that’s who I thought of immediately when I heard the name Rep. Bobby Rush. I half expected him to belt out how “Sue, she’s a good ‘un!” when he hopped on the stage.

Noting that without Obama there would be no African-American members of the Senate, Rush, a former Black Panther, warned the press not to “hang or lynch” Burris by associating him with the ethics scandals plaguing the governor.

“I would ask you the not hang or lynch the appointee as you castigate the appointer and separate the appointee from the appointer,” said Rush. “Roland Burris is worthy and he is the only one who can stand in the gap during this time and gather the confidence, re-establishing confidence of the people of the state of Illinois.” (Huffington Post)

Rush, in so many terms, asked that people not punish Burris for Blago’s crimes. Fair enough. But he also made the point that a Negroless Senate cannot stand. You can read this a lot of ways. Or you can go the simple route and claim that Rep. Rush just said if you don’t confirm Burris, you are a racist.

I mean. Here’s a direct quote.

“There are no African-Americans in the Senate, and I don’t think that anyone, any U.S. Senator who is sitting right now would want to go on record to deny one African-American from being seated in the U.S. Senate. I don’t think they want to go on record doing that.

Rush promised to take his case to the Congressional Black Caucus, and he said he intended to lobby Senators as well — including his Illinois colleague, Dick Durbin.

“Let me remind you that the state of Illinois and the people of the state of Illinois in their collective wisdom have sent two African-Americans to the U.S. Senate,” Rush said. “That makes a difference. This is not just a state of Illinois matter … but indeed, by this decision, it has tremendous national importance.”

That’s an interesting way to go in getting a fellow appointed. (To be fair, Blago also played a little “he’s a black guy, push it through” hand of bid whist there too.) I don’t know how successful that will be, but it’s guaranteed to be entertaining.

Either way, NOW this shizz is officially interesting to me. Burris is 71 and has watched other hot shots come and go while he was passed over. First Jesse Jackson, Sr. running for president. Then Jesse’s son going to the House. Then Carol Moseley Braun going to the senate first, followed later by Barack Obama, who is now our president-elect. Burris in many ways paved the way for these individuals and during the whole press conference he had a grin on his face that said, “You will not take this away from me.”

This appointment, which everyone else was running from, Burris essentially ran towards as this was his last chance at such a huge and influential position. I can’t really hate on the guy for this category five level of “opportunity = crisis.” He knows he’s being used and he doesn’t care. If anything, at this point, home skillet might being using Blago. And we all know that the senate seat is a *bleeping* valuable thing.

This is going to be a lovely way to burn.


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December 30, 2008 at 8:43 pm

The Award for Most Patience With A Crazy Person: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall!

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Congratulations, Tamron Hill of MSNBC! You survived 10 tons of crazy the other day (without even messing up your magical perm), dealing with Conservative flack Kate Obenshain attempts to argue that the “Barack the Magic Negro” song was really about dissing Al Sharpton.

Democratic strategist hottie (oh, those eyebrows!) Jamal Simmons, also gets an honorable mention for riding shotgun on that one, but he should be used to crazy by now as a regular on these sort of “pundit versus pundit” deals.

You can watch the video here on Jezebel, who misspelled Tamron’s name while in the midst of giving her that badge of “Courage Under Extreme Ignorance Fire.”

I think I’d have more respect for the defenders of “Barack the Magic Negro” if they just admitted it was in bad taste, but shouted “FIRST AMENDMENT!” then ducked and hid somewhere after folks started throwing things. But they won’t do that, so … sigh. I guess it’s kind of a story now even though Rush Limbaugh already salted this earth months ago.

BTW, for coming up with a ridiculous argument that did not involve screaming “Yeah, it was tacky but FIRST AMENDMENT!” Kate Obenshain takes home the “Not Helping!” award for the day. You’re not helping the conservative cause, Obenshain! Maybe Ohio Republican Ken Blackwell can offer you some, “C’mon! It’s not that serious! I’m black and I’m not mad. We can mock the president without looking like assholes! The press is TOO sensetive! Liberals get to do it all the time!” defense tactics. Go back to the drawing board. Try something involving “word police” or “censorship,” because you really don’t have any legs to stand on here.

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December 29, 2008 at 10:11 pm

The Honolulu Advertiser Is Entering Creepy Stalker Territory With the President-Elect

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Did they swim with dolphins? What kind of shaved ice did they eat? What are they wearing? When they poop does it smell like cinnamon loaf and rainbow sprinkles? More! More!

Obama entered Koko Marina Paradise Deli and said, “So, what are we going to get?” “Let me get a tuna sandwich,” Obama said, asking for it on 12-grain bread, tomatoes and no mayo.

“Actually, can you melt cheese on that?” he asked. “Can you make like a tuna melt with cheddar cheese?”

Obama then approached the press pool to say hello. He placed his shoulder on this reporter, who was scribbling notes, and said, “You don’t really need to write all that down.” (Honolulu Advertiser)

But was the tuna dolphin safe? The reporter didn’t write that down! Inquiring minds musat know, Honolulu Advertiser!

At one point on the sidewalk, Obama dropped his sunglasses, bent down and picked then up.

Because, I really needed to know that. Was Angelina and Brad there, you know, as long as we’re being ridiculous in our coverage? Did Jennifer Aniston say it was “uncool” that the President-Elect seemed to approve of Brangelina sinful, international adopted baby-filled common-law marriage? Where’s the scoop Advertiser?

Obama ate his sandwich before his shave ice, saying he wanted to set a good example for his girls by eating healthy food before dessert.

Inside Kokonuts, Obama, with his BlackBerry on his left hip, ordered shave ice for the kids and friends.

He told Malia, “We’re going to do it one at a time.”

Some ordered banana coconut or pina colada. Sasha ordered a medium banana-flavor shave ice.

“Everyone, once you’ve ordered, step back,” Obama instructed the kids.

Obama pulled cash out of his wallet and Eric Whitaker pitched in to pay the bill. Obama ordered mixed-berry shave ice for Sam Tubman and offered shave ice to the press pool.

“Guys, here’s your chance,” he told the pool. “No? I’m telling you, this is really good … I don’t think this is against policy. You want one, I can tell.”

The press pool declined the president-elect’s offer.

Fascinating. And now, for my favorite mundane detail about a routine trip for snacks and fun at a water park.

Earlier in the day, the group left Sea Life Park about 1:40 p.m. after spending 90 minutes at the marine amusement park.

The press pool was not allowed inside the park. Obama did not pose for pictures or talk to reporters, but reporters could see him, his daughters, and several other family friends leave the park from the interactive dolphin area.

Tourists who were inside showed pool reporters photographs they took of Obama and his family and friends. Obama is wearing a casual cream-colored shirt tucked into olive shorts, and sandals.

The Obamas and friends were seen attending the dolphin show, tourists said.

It is unclear whether the Obamas swam with dolphins, and Obama’s clothing did not appear wet.

OMG! The world may never know if Sasha and Malia swam with dolphins! I don’t know if my life can be complete now! (And, yes, if that had happened the pictures would be cute, but I seriously didn’t need to know how the Big O likes his tuna melt or that he dropped his sunglasses. Seriously. What are you people? Cops?) And while I faux stalk the Obamas, you, Honolulu Advertiser, you beat my faux stalking with your real-time accounts of banality hands down. Did you bid on that used Kleenex Scarlett Johansson sold on eBay last week? Because that’s almost where this breadth of detail belongs.

That said … DADDY/DAUGHTERS TIME! Or should I say, President-Elect/Future First Daughters time!

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December 27, 2008 at 8:47 pm

Christmas In Hawaii: The Obamas Say Goodbye to "Toot"

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On Tuesday, President-Elect Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and several other friends and family members attended a ceremony in honor of Obama and Soetoro-Ng’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, whom they called Toot.

After a service at the First Unitarian Church, her ashes were scattered at a seaside memorial in Honolulu. (Photos from Associated Press and Reuters)

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December 24, 2008 at 5:10 pm

The Media Continues It’s Blagojevich Wall-to-Wall Speculation Watch

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… and now I’m bored.

There are a lot of things wrong with this idle, yet obsessive speculation on whether or not President-Elect Barack Obama or his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hob-nobbed with the Rod, but almost all those things are conversation enders and without the conversation what would anyone have to talk about? We’d be looking at a Christmas holiday of nothing but Obama “shirtless” coverage. Dullsville. Much more fun to pretend like the scandal surrounding Gov. “Hot” Rod Blagojevich has given the Obama transition team the clap.

But for the sake of argument, here are a few “conversation killers”:

1) Rahm hates Blago.

2) Obama hates Blago.

3) Blago hates Obama and Rahm and allegedly complained about it quite verbally.

4) Everyone in the entire state of Illinois knew Hot Rod was under investigation by the Feds as the man has been under some form of investigation for more than two years.

5) And because Blago was under investigation no politician, regardless of party, wanted shit to do with him, including Obama who, mind you, was the Democratic nominee for president and didn’t invite the governor of his state to speak at the convention, on the stump, as a surrogate or at the park after he won.

Gee. It’s almost like Obama wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAN!

But, please, ignore all the empirical evidence of folks running away from Hot Rod as fast as they can. Heavens to Betsy, what would we talk about if we listened to the obvious? I suppose Blago could have just been complaining about Obama’s team for poops n’ giggles. Not because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted or that they wouldn’t play ball. Nope. Everyone sounds like good, good buddies here. Didn’t the Obamas invite Hot Rod to Hawaii for fruitcake and body surfing?

Wait? He didn’t?

Never mind.

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December 24, 2008 at 12:10 am

More Obama In Hawaii, Now Shirtless

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I was going to bury this because it feels so odd to ogle the president, but … eh, screw it. Shirtless pics are going up top!

He played some golf too. (And yes, I got all ninty-billion of your notes and emails about Obama being shirtless! Yes! I got them ALL!!!)

This is going to be the most awkwardly sexy four-to-eight years ever. Also, are we joining the rest of the world in shirtless world leaders? If so, Hopey McChangey’s abs kicks Putin’s abs ass. And all disputes between our two countries should be settle with ab-offs.

But, back to serious business now. Nothing to see here! Move along! Enjoy the golfing pictures. Aren’t they great? What? No, I don’t want to discuss the shirtless pictures. YES, I’m aware I posted them. They’re from TMZ and he’s allegedly doing the laundry on his washboard abs, they joked. (Shirtless tip from Gawker, of course.)

They were taken along with several others of the family at the vacation home by gossip site Bauer-Griffin. It was a nightmare just to view the few pictures I did on their blog, (the site is all kinds of not working today), but it’s worth it. There are tons of pictures on there. Although, if both the Washington Press corps and the paparazzi are all going to stalk the Obamas at once this is going to be an odd presidency.

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December 22, 2008 at 6:54 pm

Christmas In Hawaii

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As we all know, the Obama familial quartet boarded the plane to sunny Hawaii for the holidays.

Those lucky duckies.

While I freeze my ass off in St. Louis, feel free to enjoy what little I’ve found so far of the family heading to Hawaii and their arrival this weekend.

They couldn’t get out of there soon enough. My sister lived in Chicago for several years and to this day temperatures that would chill a normal person are like a spring day to her.

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December 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm