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Merry Christmas: Michelle O. In January 2009 Vogue Magazine … Maybe

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This picture surfaced recently on the Web claiming to be for a January Vogue cover shot, but other reports have Michelle on for the cover in March (which were recently debunked in Newsweek’s blog Readback so who the hell knows what’s going on here). This also looks very similar to some pictures Michelle took for Paris Match Magazine in 2007 by the same photographer. But until then, enjoy this nibble until I get a higher quality picture. The photo is by, of course, famed celebrity/fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz. (Above image from Flickr; below image from Mrs-O)


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December 25, 2008 at 6:34 pm

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Designers Indulge In Michelle Obama Fashion Fantasies

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There can only be one!!! A bevvy of possible gown ideas from Women’s Wear Daily from some clearly interested designers:

Who says these are bleak times? On one matter at least, designers are positively euphoric. That is the Obama presidency, a two-part point of light. While much of the glee centers around the President-elect and his policies, Michelle Obama radiates a powerful style all her own. So step aside, Angelina. You too, Madonna, not to mention the bevy of pop tarts, gossip girls, “High School Musical” grads and even potential Oscar divas, now all suddenly second-tier. The American fashion industry hasn’t had a catch this big since, well, since another icon of Democratic chic took up residency on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1961.

… (J)ust about everyone yearns to dress Michelle, who could raise the profile of American fashion around the world. Yet with the exception of Maria Cornejo, her current favorites, as well as a few majors, declined WWD’s request for sketches. Some are loath to presume to offer unsolicited advice, while others, it seems, are definitely in the Inaugural sweepstakes and prefer, or have been asked, to keep their participation low-pro.

I’m still giddily excited about this and I’m STILL awaiting my Shelly O. doll. Where is it? There are crappy Obama plates and cheesy MLK-BHO velvet portraits but I NEED a Michelle Obama Barbie. I will buy 50. I kid you not. Get cracking!

That said, in the sketches that feature Michelle with the girls I have a little bone to pick. In real life, Malia Obama comes to her mother’s shoulder. Michelle is almost six feet tall. At the rate the 10-year-old is growing she could be either starting for the Los Angeles Sparks or strutting the catwalk for New York’s Fashion Week in about four years. In all the sketches, she and her sister, Sasha, are drawn as if they are typical short children when they are the products of two Amazonian parents. Malia is probably taller than me and I’m 5’3″ and stopped growning 18 years ago. Just a quibbile.

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December 4, 2008 at 6:00 pm

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HOAX! "Honey, Thanks For Putting Up With the Me Non-Stop Running For Things!"

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Update: It’s a hoax. Never mind! Please enjoy the jokes in my hoax story. I worked so hard at them!

They call Michelle Obama “the rock” of the Obama household. Now, if the internet is to be believed, she can finally wear Gibraltar on her finger.

A spokesman for top Italian designer Giovanni Bosco has confirmed that President-Elect Barack Obama is looking to purchase a $30,000 Harmony ring made of rhodium and encrusted with diamonds as a thank you gift to his wife Michelle. We expect the future First Lady to receive the ring in time for her husband’s January inauguration ceremony. The gift is a thank you for her support throughout the last two years of campaigning.

One of the world’s rarest and most precious metals, only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, setting the price at over $7,660 per ounce — or about ten times the cost of gold. (Luxist)

1) There is a level of precious metal higher than platinum? Does Jay-Z know about this? Or is it too hard to rhyme “rhodium” with something? What am I saying? It’s easy! I’m so rich I be rockin’ rhodiums the size of podiums! At more than seven grand an ounce, its got ’em amazed like Opium!

2) This is also how a wife likes to get nice jewelry. Gifts out of goodness and joy. Not like how Kobe Bryant bought his wife that ring after he got busted with a rape charge. I mean, you get a ring, but … it’s nicer when it’s because you’re the most awesome spouse ever and you’re loved by him and not because your hubby can’t keep it in the pants.

Gorgeous hunks of precious metal aside, it’s kind of sad that this ridiculous hunk of metal couldn’t be a surprise for Mrs. O, but when you’re president your business becomes America’s business. You know that the ring maker couldn’t wait to tell everybody and their grandma and us poor folks can’t even buy what they’re selling. They just wanted the publicity. That’s just how it is.

That said, this news will not help the unfortunate husbands who get the side eye from their wives every time Barack looks at Michelle in an especially revering fashion on television. Getting poked, nudged and in rare cases, catching a bunny slipper to the head, when she opines how you don’t look at her like that in public. Why don’t you want the world to know you love her as much as Barack loves Michelle? Why, dammit? Why!

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December 2, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Open Thread: Can a 10-year-old Be A Trendsetter Or When Are You Too Old To Wear A Half Top?

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Topic starters: The Wall Street Journal’s fashion blog thinks little Malia Obama could be junior fashionista, but can you be that at ten when your mom is still picking out the majority of your clothes? And how can one that young set trends when they don’t work for Disney?

Or, Glitter is obsessed with half-tops, mini skirts and short-shorts and Glitter still has a flat stomach (kinda), so, no big if she wants to wear them, but … when are you “too old” for the half top? I know Mimi thinks she’s forever young, but that’s not really how aging works.

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November 21, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Open Thread: Shoes You’d Wish Michelle Would Wear Or Is Nick Cannon Sexy?

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Starter Topics: A lot of hubbub was made over the designer shiny red leather pumps Sarah Palin rocked on the stump and I have to admit, The Snob had shoe envy. I have terrible, no good wide, flat feet and short, stubby toes. My ex once told me I had “Flintstone feet.” They’re not that bad, but I could never wear those shoes. But Michelle Obama could wear some fly shoes.

Throughout the campaign she was almost always stuck in a pair of flats and I wondered, if it’s OK for Cindy McCain to rock the stilettos and tower over her inflexible hubby, why can’t Michelle? Does she hate the three inch heel? Would it make her too Amazonian? Yet I desire for Tyra Banks or Kimora or Condoleezza Rice to sneak Shelly O. a pair of banging pumps. Michelle doesn’t need to be Imelda Marcos or anything, but I just want to see her in heels. Here is my fantasy shoe collection, none of which I can afford or wear.

What kind of shoes would you like to see Michelle in?

PS. If you see a pair of shoes you’re curious about, just ask and I’ll tell you the brand and where I found them.

Or, riddle me this …

Do you find this man attractive? The verdict is still out on Chuckles, husband of Glitter, for The Snob. What about you?

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November 19, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Condi Does Her Own Fierce

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A few Black Snob readers sent me this picture of Condoleezza Rice but can anyone tell me where it is from? Either way, I really like her hair. (Hate the clothes, but the hair is awesome.) And are her arms ripped or what?

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November 14, 2008 at 7:36 pm

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For the Obama Fans …

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I know some of you don’t like Glitter and Chuckles (and you who don’t like them are totally hurting their feelings. They have another week left of blog babysitting to do!), so here are some pictures I would have posted to the blog earlier if I hadn’t been working on other things during my blog vacation … which is going well, BTW. I’m getting A LOT of work done and planning for the future of The Black Snob and working on a not-so-top-secret writing project.

I’m still updating on Facebook while I figure out phase two of the blog! Thanks for weathering through. Here are some pictures from an Obama date night a few weeks ago! Love the boots! Obama hot topics: Will it be public or private school for the girls? (I’m still betting on private. DC schools have issues.) The press is all sad that the Obamas aren’t everywhere like they were during the election. They’re just off somewhere, quietly planning the future. There, there, media. They’ll be in the White House soon enough! Also, Michelle is wearing more heels. How soon before she goes hog wild and puts on a pair of 3-inchers? This MUST happen for my life to be complete!

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November 14, 2008 at 4:02 pm