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Better, Faster, Stupider: Kanye Goes Smashy-Smashy With A Ten Thousand Dollar Camera In LAX

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I love Kanye, but … yeah, that diva move did not help him any, but I stand by my earlier assertion. TMZ’s stalkerazzi probably had it coming.


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September 12, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Kanye West Gets Arrested

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And on Sept. 11 in an airport nonetheless.

From ConcreteLoop:

Say it ain’t so, my boy Kanye West got arrested at LAX Airport Thursday morning, reports say. Police confirm that he was arrested on charges of battery and vandalism. reports that West allegedly smashed a photographer’s camera in the American Airlines terminal. A TMZ photographer began filming the incident and when West’s road manager, Don C. grabbed the camera, a struggle followed and his manager threw the camera to the ground.

According to the police report (as reported on People Magazine’s Web site):

“Mr. West was arrested at 7:51 a.m. outside the passenger screening area by airport police on charges of vandalism,” said LAX spokesman Marshall Lowe. “Initial reports say this incident involved a paparazzo and a camera valued at more than $10,000.”

“In addition, Mr. West’s road manager was arrested for vandalism and battery,” Lowe said. “Several witnesses are being interviewed by police. West and his manager are being transported to an LAPD station where they’re expected to be booked.”

I officially pronounce that Kanye West is the Naomi Campbell of rappers. Although, he’d get more style points if he had done this entire beat down with a bedazzled iPhone. And while I feel the urge to mock Kanye because I find his diva antics hilarious, I actually like the man. And because the folks at TMZ are total douchebag trolls I’m gonna have to go Team Kanye on this one. They probably earned that camera slap fest. And they got a story out of it and Kanye will probably end up paying a fine and doing community service and then TMZ will stalk him again and then he will beat up a cameraman again and the circle of life will continue.

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September 11, 2008 at 7:59 pm

Kanye and Alexis Over, But What About Me???

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First Foxy Brown and now this? Why Kanye and Alexis? Why?!?!?!? I just put you up on “The Great Wall of Sexy?” Why are you denying me the opportunity to make jokes about you getting married dressed like Max Headroom while strolling down the aisle to a Daft Punk/Justice remix of the wedding march?

Rapper Kanye West and his fiancée of a year and a half, designer Alexis Phifer have broken off their engagement, Phifer confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends,” Phifer tells PEOPLE. “I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.”

I can’t say I’m surprised this happened. Kanye’s mother died suddenly last year. Even though he’s been a trooper, working, recording and crashing award shows he has not been his usual insane drama queen self. Save for getting a little pissy about not getting into all the fashion shows in Paris this winter, he’s been a mere shadow of his former ridiculous self.

So between depression and a hectic pop star work schedule things didn’t bode well for the relationship. I was hoping it would work out because my dark heart springs eternal for true love, but I can see how it might not have worked out as planned.

At least Jay and Beyonce made it through the fire and down the alter. Thank God. I’ll always have their love to ruse.

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April 22, 2008 at 12:58 am

Diversify Your Mind

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Professional celebrity black people actors Dule Hill and Nicole Lyn; rapper Kanye West and fiancee Alexis. None as nuts as you may think they are. Well … actually, Kanye might be nuts, but he still scores very highly on the blackness aptitude test for saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on live television. We at SCAN appreciate people who put the interests of our people ahead of their need to be non-activist, race mutes who only value money and placating a crossover fan base. In the common parlance, Kanye “kept it real.” Did I use that right? I’m not sure if that’s the right usage … Oh, it is? OK. Good then. Keep it real, Kanye!

When job needs to be done … when there’s a task at hand … SCAN has one question …

Have you considered a black person?

We know that to the uninitiated that might sound crazy, but did you know there are more than 22 million Americans who define themselves as being black or black affiliated? And most of those black people, despite what you’ve seen on VH-1 or BET, are SANE!

Yes! As sane and non-controversial as Mr. and Mrs. White Bread America. Only a black couple would be Mr. and Mrs. Wheat Bread America. And you know what they say about wheat – it’ll keep you regular!

And don’t you want to be regular?

We’re not all Flavor Flavas. We’re more like Theo Huxtable. But blacker. And better looking, even edgy! Like Touré or bell hooks or Wayne Brady.

Diversify your mind!

Think black. It’s like white, but not white. And in a good way!

This advert was brought to you by the Secret Council of American Negroes. Yours in shared sacrifice and glory since 1865.

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March 26, 2008 at 10:37 pm

Kanye West: King of Lazy but Edgy Hip Hop Fashion

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“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

I know that people are sick of music industry’s over-exposed, “L’enfant terrible,” Kanye West, creator of awesome beats and forever of bruised ego, but people should do what I do – buy the albums, watch the performances and look at the pictures. Just block out all the random ridiculous that flows out of his mouth. Ignore the pointless gossip. It’s not like he’s chasing after jailbait or shooting up the place and his music is a welcome diversion from the death cult that rap music has turned into.

So yeah. I’m a fan. That’s right, I still LIKE Kanye and I don’t care who knows. And “Stronger” has the greatest beat I ever heard in my life and is definitely the greatest use of a sample. Who cares if he’s whiny and temperamental? A lot of creative people are. He can at least make fun of it.

hate the SNL site. It is everything the Daily Show archive is not. It’s like they make it hard for you to enjoy their clips on purpose.

Since I’m still working on my latest chapter in the Michelle Obama Fashion Retrospective I thought I’d analyze the fashion of Ye who is in Paris, France with his fiancee, Alexis, taking in the ritzy fashion shows.

Kanye, despite the goofiness is a “fashion forward” guy. I checked out his fashion/style blog via Gawker today and was somewhat impressed with what I saw. It’s flawed and kind of pretentious, but it’s different in a good way, demonstrating that the rusty wheels in his noggin are a-turnin’ and burning with inspiration.

And ‘Ye is willing to wear that inspiration in the form of attire that might make other men flinch. His look is on that border between “nerdy” and “edgy,” much like Pharell Williams. And I do enjoy how both musically and fashionably he likes to bring the strange-o, the Po-Mo and the retro at any given time.

So let’s go to France and check out the couple along with (of all people) Rihanna and Vivica Fox as they appear to be the only black pop stars at Paris’ Fall/Winter 08 fashion week.

The fashion of “I don’t give a Yankee doodle. It is raining outside!” at the Stella McCartney Show.

I call this style “dressing in the dark.” There was no planning. There was no effort to be sophisticated or novel. They literally picked up what was lying on the floor, sniffed it to see if it was funky then threw it on. A good part of high fashion is dressing like you don’t give a shit if people see you in old man emerald green pants and a gray hoodie.

Again with the sunglasses. Never satisfied with just wearing a suit Kanye goes once again for the kitsch of “I don’t care” by rocking a pair of those infernal white ’80s era sunglasses with a ten cent Goodwill eyeglasses strap. Hee and Kim are pictured here at the Roberto Cavalli party.

All right. Who invited Vivica? Does she even still work for a living?

A gray trench and a white bow tie. Very downgrade swanky. It was like he wanted to tip toe up to the edge of posh and decided to stop just shy of “eccentric trust fund baby.” The glasses, which are identical of the ones my dad has worn for 35 years because “they were the cheapest,” really push this further into the eccentric column, which was likely the intent. This look also makes me think of Christian Bale in “American Psycho” meets Taco from “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

I thought this was kind of cute until …

I saw that it was a gaudy, over-sized sweatshirt with royal blue shoes. The shoes are cute as they remind me of a pair of blue shoes I had when I was 12. I loved them because they looked great with my blue stockings, matching skirt and festive holiday shirt. With my hair flowing down my back, free from the ponytail and braids jail it was normally in, I felt stunning at my piano recital. Sure I’d barely practiced for, but I still looked as fierce as a 12 year old in 1990 could. Fleur de Lise be damned! But my point to Rhianna is she is not me at 12 and this is not 1990. She looks cute and in a way she’s kind of pulling off the tights as pants with a sweater being worn as a dress, but it screams “I tried really hard” as opposed to Kanye and Alexis’ effortless, natty meets lazy chic.

Vivica Fox is proof that even a marginal celebrity who hasn’t worked in a while can still wiggle her way into lush fashion parties in Paris brimming with free alcohol and swag. She looks so aspirational in this pick. It’s like she’s saying, “Yes! You too can make it from a marginal character on ‘The Young and the Restless’ and a failed sitcom with Patti LaBelle and fake your way to the top!”

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February 29, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Terrorism chic

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I started noticing this male fashion trend a year ago when Kanye West’s video “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” came out. In the video he’s in the desert, doing his “I’m trying to be really fucking deep” thing when I noticed the over sized printed scarf around his neck, donned like an oversize bandanna. I thought to myself, where had I seen that look before?

I got it! Terrorists!

The last shot is of Justin Timberlake. I’m not implying that he’s a SexyBack terrorist. He just dresses like one who wears really expensive clothes.

After that video I started seeing the oversize bandanna everywhere in urban fashion. Jay-Z. Pharrell Williams. Usually accentuated with some sort of bling, rocked over expensive urban couture. It was outlaw fashion. Terror chic. And it made sense that the coolest of the cool would be attracted to a look sported by rebel fighters living along the Pakistani border with Afghanistan and in the besieged territory of Gaza.

Nothing says both fey and badass like a revolutionary, even terrorist scarf.

Hot with every paramilitary, militia-loving Zapatista-uprising or FARC, PKK, PLO bomb maker, the look is the no. 1 accessory for all terrorists and revolutionaries from Hamas to Hezbollah. The scarf has been hot since Fidel Castro took Cuba from Batista and the upper class. A mainstay since the Viet Cong made it hot in the Mekong Delta. Basically, if you’re a rebel with a murderous cause, you can’t live without your scarf. Not only can it serve as a mask, but it can keep the sweat off your face, the bugs out of your mouth (if you’re in the jungles of Colombia) and keep the sand out of your nose (if you’re in Saudi Arabia).

It’s a must have.

Nothing gets between them and their rebel scarves.

Of course the Madhi Army and the original gangsta of all radical jihadis, Osama bin Laden, aren’t rocking Kanye’s Louis Vuitton model. Mostly because they 1) despise our narcissistic, hedonistic capitalism, mixed with our imperial desires for global domination and 2) are not going to pay $100 for a scarf. You know they probably get those two-for-one at the flea market.

His scarf is better than yours. You could buy one, but you can’t afford the charge.

And Kanye has to take it even more uptown. He’s not going to any jungle or desert anywhere to kill anything. He’s from Chicago, USA. He’s not interested in getting his ass blown up. Rather than fight the man, he just adds a pair of matching gloves and color-coordinated custom kicks to pimp that look out a little more.

War urban chic isn’t a new idea. During the first Gulf War in 1991 desert camouflage was all the rage among the hip hop set. While shouting out “Peace in the Middle East” lazily at the end of a track there were the tell-tale military style boots, desert cami baggy cargo pants and a crisp white T-shirt with a platinum chain dangling.

This subject has been broached before (I was just slow to read anything about it.) Gawker blogged in 2006 on the phenomenon. Also Men’s Flair online in 2007 calls the look the male pashima or “the desert scarf.” They are also called Palestinian scarves, Afghanistan scarves or “shemagh” scarves. The Village Voice blogged on a mini-controversy over Urban Outfitters selling the “Yassar Arafat,” Palestinian style scarf also in 2007.

Jihadi is the new metrosexual.

Now color coordinated for the most fastidious urban hipster.

I’m too sexy for Gitmo.

Mama, I like to dress like a terrorist. You may say I look a mess, but all the homies see is S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

I’d be interested in reading any serious fashion discussion on how wars affect the wardrobe. I mean, we’ve been in the Middle East for almost five years now and I’ve never had the urge to rock a burqa (although the naked chick dancing in the scarf on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” comes close).

Despite the weird places we often go to find fashion, I actually think the terrorist scarf is a good look for the fashion-forward hip hopper. And temper tantrums notwithstanding, I like the way Kanye dresses. His look brims with inventiveness and originality whether it’s a simple, preppy backpacker look or princely rock-rap regalia. And then there’s all the foolishness. Like those retro ’80s glasses he wore for his video “Stronger” and at the Grammys. Those were so ugly they were awesome.

But keep in mind how I also like how Andre 3000 and Prince dress. And Prince is flawless yet delicately fey. I’m not going to apologize for it. I like black men who take fashion to absurd, queenish territory. Men who aren’t afraid of dressing all crazy because they’re comfortable with their sexuality. It’s like, “Hell yeah I got a $400 dollar scarf on, butt-out jeans and a veil. So what? Call me names. Whatever. I’m still going home tonight with a woman that’s fine as hell. You can’t tell me nothing.”

Below, here are some more fashion moments with Kanye and his new favorite accessory.

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February 25, 2008 at 3:47 am