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The Obamas Celebrate the Fourth of July (And I Get Verklempt)

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While I grappled with mixed feelings about my patriotism over a plate of ribs, The Obamas celebrated the Fourth in Butte, Montana. The campaign, flush with cash, has begun phase one of their war of cash attrition with the McCain campaign. Barack is flocking to regions Democrats haven’t touched in years, forcing John McCain to spend his paltry cash in places that should be in the bag for him.

This is much like how we won the Cold War. The country with the most cash wins! I’m not a fan of Ronald Reagan, but his administration’s “Star Wars” bluff was ingenious. The Russians didn’t know we couldn’t pull it off, but they definitely knew we had more cash than them. In your face, commies!

It’s obvious that I highly approve of this strategy. Especially since John McCain has no strategy.

John McCain! He’s the new “Bob Dole!

That said, enjoy the pictures!

Arriving in Butte and oh-so-cute!

No one does insanely adorable like the Obama Family. Malia’s cornrows are taking back to memories of my mother braiding my hair up for the summer because it was too hot to bother with pressing hair. I was free, ya’ll! Free from the hot comb for three months out of the year. I could get sweaty and run through sprinklers. It was awesome. (Side note: Michelle and the weeMichelles (as the folks at Michelle Obama Watch like to call the kids, seriously have a thing for flats and leggings.)

I can not tell you how much I love this picture. I almost want to make it my screensaver. There is nothing like feeling like your daddy adores you. My dad is a big, burly guy and when I was little I loved curling up next to him to hear his heartbeat. Dear Lord. I think I’m getting a little sentimental. Daughters need fathers too, ya’ll! If the first man in your life doesn’t love you unconditionally you get a skewed view of how future men should love you.

OK. I’m going to be honest, folks. I am blessed to have a really affectionate mother and I grew up with nothing but sisters with whom I am still close. I soooo want a daughter(s) someday therefore this picture is what I want. I want what Michelle has. I want to give my love and time to a little girl. I want to adore my husband and be adored by him. I want to be loved. Is that so wrong? What black person doesn’t want this? Oh, no, said the black person, I’d rather not have a husband or wife that loves me and kids who I adore. Nope. I don’t want that. I prefer single motherhood and prison. That is just oh-so-more appealing.

Terrorist fist jab fever! Catch it!


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July 5, 2008 at 7:32 pm

Michelle Obama Is My Shero

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Me: Hello. My name is The Black Snob and I’m a Michelle-a-holic.

Group: Hi, Snob.

Me: I guess it started a year ago. When I first saw Barack Obama I didn’t know how to feel about him. He seemed nice enough, a smart guy. But I wasn’t feeling it, you know? Then I saw Michelle and I was like, “Wow. I know that type of sister. I grew up with that type of sister and I want to see her in the White House more than anything in the world.”

Group: Mmm. Hmm. Preach, sister.

Me: I love her. From her killer bob hair to her trendy flat shoes. I couldn’t stop collecting pictures of her and writing about her. I wanted to learn every thing I could about her from her Ivy League education to her South side Chicago upbringing. There’s only one word that can describe Michelle and that’s “badassery.” (The act of being a “bad ass.”) She has so much badassery it’s not even funny. People think it is attitude but that is just Michelle letting loose her bad-ass all over you. And some MFers can’t stand the heat.

Group: It’s gettin’ hot in herre! (So hot!) I wanna go out and vote. I am gettin’ so hot I wanna vote Obama!

Me: I say, burn, baby, burn! All her speeches are spittin’ hot fire. Michelle is my “shero” and I don’t care who knows! I ain’t afraid to say it out loud. Michelle in 2016! Michelle for Secretary General of the United Nations! Michelle for Pope! Michelle for commander of NATO! Michelle for “New Oprah!”

Group: She’s the other big “O!”

Me: She’s smart. She’s successful. She speaks her mind. She dresses ever-so-fly. She’s got gorgeous daughters and a solid man on her arm. Michelle-a-holics! Can you dig it?

Group: Yes we can!

Me: See? Folks don’t understand people like us. We are misunderstood. They don’t know about “the blackness.” We couldn’t shake the blackness loose if we tried because it got us when we were young and it ain’t never let go. They don’t know us. What they call “hate,” we call tellin’ it like it is. Truth hurts, too bad! A sister will tell you the truth. She’ll tell you if your wig ain’t on straight. If your pants are too tight. If you need to spit that gum out your mouth because you can’t chew gum in church! Child, SPIT THAT GUM OUT!


Me: I mean, she is a sister. She is a sister’s sister. When we think of a black woman, of who we want to be like, be best friends with, emulate, it’s Michelle. Folks don’t get it. She’s our kind of woman. She’s our mother. She’s our cousin. She’s our best friend. She’s our auntie. She is our ever-fly even in old age Grannies. We know Michelle and she is one of us. How can WE NOT love one of us?

Group: Go ‘head. You ain’t never lied.

Me: So I don’t care. I’m an addict. Anyone who disses Michelle is a hater. But don’t worry. She will keep on keepin’ on because you can’t keep a good Michelle down. She only knows one direction and that’s up.

Group: Keep risin’ to the top!

Me: Cause I ain’t anti-Cindy McCain, ya’ll. I am pro-Michelle! And in the name of that old Negro disco anthem by McFadden and Whitehead, ain’t no stopping us now! We got the groove! We’re on the move! Don’t you stand in our way! Sing it with me!

There’s been so many things thats held us down.
But now it looks like things are finally comin’ around.
I know we’ve got, a long long way to go,
and where we’ll end up, I don’t know.
But we won’t let nothin’ hold us back,
we’re putting our selves together,
we’re polishing up our act!
If you felt we’ve been held down before,
I know you’ll refuse to be held down anymore!

Don’t you let nothing, nothing,
Stand in your way!
I want ya’ll to listen, listen,
to every word I say, every word I say!

Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’re on the move!
Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’ve got the groove!

Me: Let the Michelle-a-holic group say, amen.

Group: AMEN!

Me: And now for some pictures of Michelle!

Here is Michelle on June 20, addressing about 900 people at the National Partnership for Women and Families annual luncheon in Washington, DC. I’m loving the purple feather pin on this suit jacket. And the hair is cut, as always, with laser precision. One thing that annoys me a bit is that sometimes there are way more unflattering pictures of Michelle than good pictures.

It reminds me a bit of how the photo editors would do Hillary Clinton and pick the fugliest picture out of the batch to use for her. Things haven’t got too out of hand yet, but I swear, the women does smile. I’d prefer they’d get more pictures of her grinning than those that make her look like a South American socialist dictator giving her manifesto against the United States.

Michelle addressed a women’s group in Manchester, NH on June 26. The light grayish-green leaf print dress and matching sweater was a nice, sweet understatement with her usual dollop of class, topped with a pair of solo pearl earrings.

I almost feel the need to type one of those Us Weekly headlines like: Michelle Obama is just like us! She goes to her daughter’s soccer match! On July 1, the Obamas attended Malia’s youth “futbol” game in Chicago. Cute!

On June 19 the Obamas posed for a family portrait by photographer Martin Schoeller (not shown) at their Chicago home. Are these pictures out yet because, per usual, I NEED to see them, stat! I need my fix! Nothing melts my heart more than Michelle, her man and her kids.

And the belt returns! She rocked it with a lovely black outfit at the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council. I knew she couldn’t resist coordinating another outfit with her favorite belt. Obviously this sucker must have wonder powers. Like Batman’s belt. Or Wonder Woman’s belt. Maybe there’s a “lasso of truth” attached to it. That has to come in handy with a husband and two kids.

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July 5, 2008 at 4:21 pm

Barack! Barack! Barack! … And John McCain, the Jan Brady of Presidential Politics

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Sometimes with all the attention paid to Barack Obama, the Clintons and soaring gas prices I forget that John McCain is running. Seriously. He’s become the Jan Brady of presidential candidates. Or worse, the Judy Winslow. Some days he barely puts a dent in the news cycle, and Tuesday, when he finally gets a storyline all to himself it’s about how sucky his campaign is going for a guy who had a four-month head start.

From Politico:

“Here is where the problem is: We had a nomination gap between when McCain was nominated and the Democratic race completed,” a swing state Republican Party chairman said. “I think [campaign manager] Rick Davis and his team did not have an understanding of how the grass-roots, organizational part of the party works. They did not use what the [Republican National Committee] had done, or how groups like the [National Rifle Association] could have helped the McCain campaign locally.

“They are just now opening up campaign operations in most states. The RNC was ready to go in most states in March,” the state chairman continued, listing off grievances ranging from the campaign’s “dictating” the members of various RNC committees to the state party’s having been “threatened” that, though McCain “couldn’t afford not to play in our state,” the campaign would not “recommend us for resources” if the state party did not abide by its requests.

This should shock no one, but Obama isn’t running against McCain, but “The Machine” — re: the entire Republican Industrial Misinformation Complex. The bulk of attacks levied at Obama are either from party operatives, cable news talking heads, political hacks, Shush Hannitibaugh or cyber slanderers. All McCain is supposed to do is not pull a Bob Dole by taking a header off a stage.

The good news for McCain is while he can’t manage to keep a coherent message, hasn’t defined his opponent and generally looks like he’s fumbling in the dark for a pair of reading glasses, he is only two-to-five points behind Obama in Gallup’s in daily tracking polls. This despite having his left rear blinker flashing on the Straight Talk Express for the last six months.

As countless party operatives scream, “Turn! Turn already! Oh my God. Why is he going 30 miles per hour on the highway?

There’s still a good chance his campaign could self-destruct all on its own (Bush, McCain sex tape?), but it’s a little unsettling that a candidate this inconsistent in the most hostile environment towards Republicans since Watergate is so close to a candidate who is smarter, faster, more agile, hipper, better looking, more talented, verbally gifted, younger than him, plus a sophisticated, tech savvy campaign behind him and more than $200 million in the bank.

Yet his lead has fluctuated by only two-to-five points on the Gallup daily tracking poll.

Sometimes this race makes me think of that scenario where if Jesus came back looking like Richard Roundtree and offered the people of this country salvation, they would just pick hell.

You’ll go see Will Smith in Hancock on the Fourth, America, but you can’t decide between Team Fixodent-and-Forget-It and Team Obama? Sad, America. Very sad. Maybe Barack should start having Will Smith at all his events with 16 flags around him instead of the usual 8-to-10. Or Vice President Will Smith. How does that one sound? He saved us from aliens on three different occasions, America! Can you get more patriotic than a Michael Bay production and the ability to pull $65 million or more an opening weekend? I dare you not to love that winning ticket.

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July 2, 2008 at 11:13 pm

The Mad Rush To the Center (And Right)

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You can tell it’s time for the general election when the press speculates over potential “Sister Souljah Moments” for the Democratic candidate.

In the past few days Barack Obama has changed his mind on FISA legislation that gives telecom companies immunity for breaking the law; sided with the conservatives on the Supreme Court over a recent second amendment ruling on an individual right to own a gun; sworn to expand Pres. Bush’s Faith Based Initiatives program and a little over a week ago his campaign shooed away two Muslim American women in head scarves at an event.

I’m not particularly surprised by this. Moving to the center or right on some Liberal/Progressive issues are part and parcel for the Democrats since Bill Clinton did it in 1992. The only thing that really bugged me was how the two women were treated. Since African Americans have a history of being treated as invisible by the political process I’m always bothered when we do the same thing to others. It’s woefully hypocritical.

Many are trying to paint Obama as a Muslim as a slur and while he personally apologized to them, by shunning these two women his campaign is basically endorsing that stereotype. Muslim and terrorist/extremist are not the same things. Islam a religion and there is nothing wrong with the religion. It is the acts of individuals twisting the religion to justify their actions who are bad, not the individual followers of Islam. I wish the campaign could/would do something different to rebuke this slur that didn’t indirectly reaffirm the stereotype of Muslims as evil or anti-American even if they’re American citizens who are peacefully living, working and minding their own business in this country.

The fact that the campaign feels the rumor is so virulent that they had to shun two women in head scarves basically demonstrates that the assholes and bigots have won this round.

I also find it an interesting irony that while Obama is moving towards the center in an attempt to assuage those who doubt his patriotism and Christian faith, John McCain is trying to make sweet, sweet love to the hard right. He’s ditched a lot of his more centrist views (drilling in ANWAR, the plight of Guantanamo detainees, fighting the “agents of intolerance,” wooing the same individuals who attacked John Kerry and destroyed him during his 2000 campaign) in order to shore up his ground with the religious right.

Considering that the religious right kind of hates him, the only thing that brings them together is their fear/dislike of Barack Obama. This is why he pushes hard on the abortion issue (and appointing Supreme Court judges), the only issue he’s really on par with them. Although, historically he’s been lukewarm on a constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

It’s truly absurd that the best action both candidates can make is to move to the right or righter. Especially when this time, more than any other time, a majority of Americans have soured on many conservative views and policies — from globalism to bomb first, ask questions later. People are open to an idea, any idea, to fix the healthcare crisis and are in disarray over gas prices, the housing crisis and job loss. In Missouri, Chrysler announced it was shutting down a plant in Festus. A few years back Ford left Hazelwood, Mo. Everyone hates the war in Iraq (although they disagree on how to end it). Many people aren’t enthusiastic over the possibility of bombing Iran, so I guess I’m not getting something.

I understand some moves to the center. I don’t like church and state touching each other, but I’m not going to oppose tinkering with the Faith Based Initiatives. I even support the individual right to own a handgun, but I’m also pro-gun control and people to be responsible for their actions if they use a gun improperly. I can work with these things … to a point. But I don’t understand the move to the right because it doesn’t give independents a clear view of the differences between the two candidates.

Buddying up to some right wing ideas reinforces Ralph Nader’s mantra that there is little to no difference between the two parties. This belief is what harms Democratic candidates in my mind. Especially since Republicans tend to run to even more so to the right in presidential elections. If you’re not offering an alternative, if you’re serving up Republican lite, people will simply just pick the stronger brand.

It’s like Coke v. New Coke. Or Coke v. Generic Supermarket Soda. I’d rather hear new and more innovative ways to tackle our issues from a progressive stance than an aping of Republican beliefs because “Liberal” has become a slur — not dissimilar from Muslim.

But perhaps I’m asking for too much. We’re talking about politicians, not saints. Both Obama and McCain are in this to win. I just know that moving to the center didn’t help Al Gore and it didn’t help John Kerry. It only worked for Bill Clinton because he’s Bill Clinton. In his day he could sell unicycles to paraplegics. I don’t know if anyone has the charisma on either side to pull that sort of gambit again, and these drastic changes sadly contradict Obama’s overall message of being a more principled politician.

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July 2, 2008 at 2:14 pm

Can We Still Be Friends?

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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have retired their daggers to turn their eyes towards the November election, but a happy reunion may be a bit harder to weather for some Clinton supporters

The announcement of Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama’s joint stumping for his campaign June 27th gave the pundits and Kumbaya-lovers what they’d been asking for — a grand Hollywood ending featuring the two political heavyweights. Beaming, standing astride each other and full of praise they were. Even if critics said it wouldn’t be sincere and would take the negotiating techniques of an attorney to pull off, they still wanted it and they got their show.

All applause. All smiles. All over.

Once Obama became the presumptive nominee many Democrats were ready to put away the ammo and move on to the next challenge, all except some who’d fought hard and lost.

While a lot of Clinton supporters are choosing to back Obama, some are having a harder time getting excited about the senator. Others are still steadfast against voting for him.

Out of curiosity and a desire for better understanding, I reached out to some Clinton supporters to better understand what were the issues that caused them to view the Democratic Primary the way they did and why they would or would not support Barack Obama for president. Two female bloggers, Red Queen and Redstar who post at The Hillary 1000 blog, responded, answering my questions about how an individual can go from seeing the primary’s two biggest stars as a double-positive to a negative net loss.

Both women, strong progressives with Liberal leanings, picked Clinton over Obama because of her mental toughness, age and experience with Redstar admitting that because of the candidate’s similar stances Clinton’s gender was a deciding factor. But in the beginning both women liked the candidates.

“I, like many, thought a Clinton/Obama ticket could set us the Dems up nicely for 16 years,” Redstar wrote. “(A) female candidate and a person of color candidate? AWESOME. I sent them both $100 in July 2007, and proudly wore a Clinton pin and Obama sticker at the Congressional Black Caucus annual conference in September 2007.”

“I was excited,” Red Queen wrote. “(OMG a black guy and a white women- how freaking awesome is that!) Even though I was an Edwards supporter.”

Redstar wrote on her blog favorably of both Clinton and Obama’s agendas for families, but as the campaign wore on she preferred how Clinton “tacked pretty hard to the left” and “emerged as the more progressive of the two candidates.” She also liked the fact that Clinton relentlessly attacked the Bush Administration “no holds barred,” adding that she has “always preferred (Hillary’s) partisanship to Obama’s message.”

“I’m a partisan animal, and want justice, retribution, payback and aggressive partisan leadership after the Bush oligarchy,” Redstar wrote. “Seriously, our world is a TOTAL mess and I cannot for the life of me imagine playing nice with the GOP.

Late last fall, Redstar felt herself becoming disenchanted with Obama. His message of unity, hope and change fell on deaf, cynical ears.

“Post-partisan/bi-partisan rhetoric NEVER worked for me,” she wrote. “Obama lost me in part because I felt set up, i.e., his rhetoric didn’t match up with his record as a politician (all his “present” votes, for instance didn’t leave me with a lot of faith in his leadership potential).

“Furthermore, and I think this had a big impact on me, the ethnic/gender compositions of the Presidential campaign staffs were released (for Dems and GOP). Clinton’s staff was majority female and majority non-white. Obama’s in comparison was 80% male and 60% white. I think I just fell out of love early on with him as another typical (politician), and likely in part because he was running as an atypical (politician).”

For Red Queen it was also Clinton’s fighting spirit that inspired her.

“In late December I saw a clip of Clinton on Wall Street Week where she laughed in the face of Maria Barteromo,” she wrote. “When Clinton started talking about plans for the helping people in foreclosure, I remembered why I liked her. The more I heard her plans and saw her speak, the more I liked.”

Both were disappointed by Clinton’s loss. Redstar has decided to begrudgingly support Obama, struggling to get excited about the campaign.

“He’s the nominee. And I keep reminding myself that I would have been excited to vote for him if I hadn’t gotten so excited about Clinton,” she wrote me in an e-mail exchange. “I may still be excited on Nov. 4th, who knows. I’m also ninety-five percent sure I’m going to vote for him, but there’s still a part of me that wonders if in the privacy of the voting booth I won’t.

“I doubt it, but there’s a nagging voice in my head that I should be taking a stand over the misogyny leveled by the media and tolerated by the (Democratic) Party and used to advantage by Obama. I’m honestly conflicted over this, but I can’t really imagine not voting for Obama. I’d really like to see his family in the Oval Office more than I’d like to see him govern.”

The level of sexism in the media and the trench warfare of the primary was a huge issue for both bloggers. Both were surprised how insults lobbed at her were tolerated. Red Queen, who said she would not vote for Obama, could not get past a statement he made about women “periodically feeling down” in reference to Clinton. She felt it was code for women being too emotional.

“The misogyny in that statement made me start questioning,” Red Queen wrote. “The more I looked into Obama and the less I liked him.

“Had he come out and apologized for it, I might not have gone through the trouble of looking more closely into his views and campaign tactics. But once I did, I knew there was no way i could ever vote for him.”

Red Queen felt her views and concerns were being shoved aside for Obama’s political ascension, leading her to not support him as a protest of the Democratic Party’s silence, and to her, endorsement, of sexism.

“(I)t is against my own best interest to support a party that uses misogyny as a campaign tool,” she said. “I have been stalked and harassed and called more sexist insults by Obama supporters than any Republican. Then there is the classism. I’m a poor working class white woman. Obama has made it clear that the only thing the Dems have to offer me is threats and insults if I refuse to vote the party line.”

Redstar, while working to get over the loss, also repeated the same themes of shock and disappointment over the party’s lack of defense for Clinton.

“My biggest source of ambivalence about voting for him in the fall is less about him and more about the way the (p)arty apparatus lined up around him and stood too silently about Clinton’s treatment in the media … (E)ven a few participated – Steve Cohen, for (example),” she wrote.

“All of this post-Clinton suspension discussion of the sexism during the campaign, and her role as a sacrificial ground breaker for future women is really salt in my wounds. Right, now it’s safe to talk about misogyny and gender. Spare me. I really think the Party has calcified and is headed in the wrong direction with politics generally in this country, and Obama hasn’t brought any new faces or ideas into the mix, from what I can tell, other than young voters.”

Asked if there was an issue or an action Obama could partake to win them over, Redstar said she would, “really love to have him reach out to the most angry, entrenched Clinton supporters who don’t plan to vote for him.”

“I’ve seen nothing to indicate that he’s paying attention to these voters, and that he considers them anything other than fringe, emotional lunatics (and women) who need some time to cool off,” she wrote.

“His campaign gives off the impression that this is either a) Clinton’s responsibility or b) not necessary because he doesn’t need these votes to win. I think this is hard-headed and irresponsible. Would it honestly take so much to schedule a conference call with these diehard supporters? If McCain can do it (shamelessly), can’t Obama?”

But while Redstar can bridge the gap, for Red Queen there’s nothing Obama could do to win her over, writing that “(a)t this point, that ship has sailed. I don’t reward sexists, racists or classists with my vote — ever.”

“I’m voting for Cynthia McKinney of the green party. I’ve always liked the Green platform and I thought McKinney was a fiery and awesome presence in the house,” Red Queen wrote. “I don’t feel that a vote for McKinney is wasted (or a vote for McCain). Strong, progressive leaders need to be rewarded with our votes, even if it doesn’t lead to their actual election.”

In this primary things went from politics to personal and while the winners can hold their heads high in victory, the longer race cannot be won with members of the Democratic coalition divorced from the process.

If healing is to begin the concerns and feelings of the former opposition can not be dumped aside with the reasoning that time heals all wounds. All wounds could turn to old wounds that fester and become sore with every poke and provocation. The sexism that attacked Clinton yesterday has its sights set on Michelle Obama today. The party made a fatal error in seeing sexism as a phantom menace because of Clinton’s political potency.

It is a relief that the Democratic Primary is over. And while the Kumbaya moment of Clinton and Obama together may have settled some concerns, no matter what is said on TV we are still some way to go before love conquers all.

To read Redstar’s full statements on Clinton and Obama click here. To read Red Queen’s full statements, click here. What do you think of the views of Clinton supporters struggling to support Obama?

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June 30, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Love Will Keep Us Together

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Can you feel the love?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!

I’m aware that some people are still waiting for the other shoe to drop in this marriage of convenience, but I’m sorry. I don’t see that coming. Everyone has too much to lose here. Barack wants to be president. Hillary wants to be president … someday. He wants her supporters. She wants help with her debt. It might forced, calculated and formal, but this is it.

I have to suppress the eye-rolling with the pundits and political reporters who went from wondering why Clinton was still in the race to asking Barack if he would pick Clinton as his VP to calling for Clinton to endorse Barack.

Then when she did endorse him, they glossed over the fact that she was pretty effusive and gracious. Then the pundits whined and cried when the Clintons, both of them, politely went into the background leaving them wondering where the Clintons were and why they hadn’t seen them. And now that Hillary and Barack have been talking they want to know where Bill Clinton is and what was up with his tersely worded statement that he’d support Barack. What did that mean? The pundits cried. WHAT DID THAT MEAN???

I suspect that if Barack does become president, come inaugural day the chattering class will celebrate this historic moment by asking, “but what do the Clintons’ think?

I realize some people hate the Clintons. Well, I hate the people covering the Clintons. That’s why I’m staging an intervention. Pundits, I hate to have to tell you this but you’re addicted to the Clintons. Seriously. And it’s hurting everyone who watches you.

You could talk about Barack and his campaign, but nooooo. Even when Bill and Hill are not out whoring for news you’re still in the studio and at your news desks wondering why they aren’t out whoring for news. This must be a trick, you cry! Ummm … they lost, assholes. That’s why you haven’t seen or heard from them. It’s over.

On “Hardball” last night Chris Matthews spent, like, three minutes talking about John McCain and the other 45 minutes talking about Barack, Hillary and Bill. The damn primary is over and they’re still following the “Where the Clintons go, news shall follow” policy.

Sometimes I wonder if it ever occurred to them that maybe Barack didn’t want Bill Clinton doing a whole bunch grandstanding and clogging up his spotlight with a big attention grabbing endorsement to obscure his wife’s big attention grabbing stumping for Obama. So he doesn’t want to show up with him. Fine. Didn’t all you pundits agree he was a liability who harmed his wife’s campaign? So now you want him to show up and ruin Barack’s campaign? Let the man stay in Europe for God’s sake. Let him move there, if he so pleases. After all, he didn’t run against Barack in the primary. HIS WIFE DID. And she’s going to stump with the man. Love conquers all. Move on.

Stop beating a dead Clinton campaign and cover the general election, dammit! John McCain is fumbling around in the dark and all you can think about is how to get your Clinton fix. When Bill went back to working for his charity I saw Jack Cafferty in an alley freebasing Ron Paul just to make it through the day. If only they could boil the Clintons down to a hard rock substance that you could smoke to get your high.

I just want to tell you, Michelle Bernard, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Tucker Carlson, Wolf Blitzer, George Will, Maureen Dowd, et al — I’m taking your Clinton Crack Pipe away. You can have it back when the Clintons actually do something newsworthy like, convince Chelsea to move to Rhode Island and run for governor. Or when Hill and Bill run for United Nations Secretary General and Pope.

I got that line from Saturday Night Live, but I digress …

If you’re a pundit or political news reporter and you are for some reason reading by blog, I suggest that you take this handy quiz to see if you may be a Clinton Crack Addict.


When you see a picture of Barack Obama do you think, “I wonder if Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary with Gina Gershon?”

Did you stake out the home of Dorothy Rodham for eight days straight just to accost her in a grocery store asking if Hillary was “emotional” over her $25 million in campaign debt and if she’d cried to her recently about how “sad” she was over not winning?

When you see a picture of John McCain do you think, “McCain-Clinton ’08? It could happen.”

Did you name your dog or cat “Billary?”

Do you end every report, “But what does Hillary want?”

When you look at a picture of Barack with black voters do you indistinctly want to refer to them as ex-Bill Clinton supporters?

When you see a picture of Mitt Romney do you think, “He would make a good Secy. of Commerce in a McCain-Clinton Administration … wait, no! In a CLINTON-McCain administration! Yes! Yes! That could happen, right? Right?”

Does the Secret Service have your name on file because they caught you inside Hillary Clinton’s Washington, D.C. home trying on her pantsuits?

Are you doodling “Chelsea Clinton 2024” over and over on your reporter’s notebook?

If you answered yes to any of these answers, you sir or madam, are a Clinton Crack Addict. Please, get thee to Betty Ford stat, lest you catch Baracknaphobia (or Barachphilla. Both are potentially troublesome). And try to space out the politics with some war coverage. We do have two, TWO wars going on. Just a suggestion.

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June 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Michelle Obama and The Slave Blood Caper

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Above: Michelle Obama, below: Painting “The Battle On San Domingo,” a depiction of the Haitian Revolution, the most successful slave revolt in history.

I found this item on What About Our Daughters last night.

File this one under foolishness and chicanery, courtesy of that bastion of the Civil Rights Industrial Complex, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and their president, Dr. Charles Steele:

He said that Michelle Obama has had rougher treatment than her husband because she has ancestors who were slaves, and Barack Obama, whose father was born in Kenya, does not.

“Why are they attacking Michelle Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and not really attacking, to that degree, her husband?” Steele asked. “Because he has no slave blood in him. He does not have any slave blood in him, but Michelle does.” Atlanta Journal Constitution

Yeah he said it. MLK would be so proud. What? Was Andy Young unavailable?

The sentiment over the comment was repeated at Black Political Thought where more of Steele’s comments were printed.

Barack Obama is “of the system. He’s going to be in the system,” Steele told a morning gathering of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials.“Why are they attacking Michelle Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and not really attacking, to that degree, her husband?” Steele asked. “Because he has no slave blood in him. He does not have any slave blood in him, but Michelle does.

“This system is an issue. I don’t care what you say. You can’t expect the system that enslaved you save you,” Steele said. Steele admitted to the crowd that his remarks about the Obamas were intended to be provocative, but afterwards declined to expand upon them. If you ask me, his comments were idiotic, at best!

Blogger Janet Shan at Black Political Thought concludes that Steele’s argument that slave ancestry is an issue is hype. Shan writes, “I don’t believe for a minute that Michelle Obama is being treated roughly because she has slave blood. Hello people, how is that relevant to anything? Michelle Obama is being ‘roughed’ up because of her views and the fact that she is a pretty vocal and outspoken person.”

I didn’t know quite what to think when I initially read his comments. While some were concerned about the exploitation of Steele’s comments (Rush Limbaugh has apparently already used them for fodder), it didn’t really touch on the issue evolving here — the uncomfortable reality of the embodiment of white America’s conscious since 1787, black Americans.

Who is blamed for selecting Obama’s “hateful” church at Trinity? Michelle. Who is pointed to being a “racist” and being the barometer of how Barack really thinks? Michelle.

Barack when negatively portrayed in the press is either presented as an unknown terror or a gullible Liberal ingenue. Michelle is vilified in the same manner as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Johnnie Cochran, insert so-called black “radical” here and every Civil Rights activist before her. She’s the uppity Negro who will not shut up. She’s the ingrate who doesn’t worship this country despite the fact this country hasn’t historically been favorable to her. She is the reminder, the full embodiment and representation of that storied black monolith portraying “how we really feel” about the white folk.

Essentially, she’s the villain. She’s the one who stirs the conscious and forces racist deniers to truly stare down the past and per usual, some do not like what they see.

A lot of this is projection. Just like Barack’s “secret Muslim” talk is a manifestation of “fear of the other.” Both Barack and Michelle have to deal with their fair share of bigotry and fear mongering. But if Barack is the “other,” Michelle is the other you already think you know. Barack is viewed as being above race. Michelle is viewed as being right in the thick of it no matter what she does or says. She is a black American, not an “African American” in the truest sense like Barack is. She carries the baggage of our nation’s collective guilt. She represents the conscious and subconscious. Id, ego and super ego. And their mock hysteria is based on the same primal fear that has existed in this country since Haiti’s bloody revolution in 1791.

Some of our nation’s most punitive decisions against blacks were born out of the fear surrounding the only successful slave revolt in the New World. The American South had its fair share of slave uprisings, but Haiti’s was the most ferocious. The prospect of losing wealth and health at the hands of slaves was so strong that long after the threat had passed the punishment continued. Remnants of it still exist to this day. The belief that black people want vengeance, even though they typically ask for equality.

While Barack is sometimes seen as a “get out of bigotry free” card. Michelle is envisioned as the Angry Black Woman putting up the voodoo, intoning, “Until you do right by me …”

So they both have to deal with racism. I would argue though that there are a host of different reactions one can have to different kinds of black people. Black Americans simply inspire a specific series of racist modifiers.

Commenter Lena at What About Our Daughter’s probably put it best.

Michelle Obama is attacked more fiercely than Barack because she directly represents (to racists) those native blacks that had a long history of being hated in the U.S. long-term black Americans are considered less acceptable than many other non-whites, including even Africans.

Her presence, her lineage gives the racists easy fuel to try to shut her down, make her feel ashamed of who she is, which is why Klan-branding images, lynching jokes, etc. can be made about Michelle, not (Barack).

Basically, it’s like a “remember your place, ni****,” don’t get uppity because this is what we used to do to you (lynch, cross-burn, branding, etc.)

The same can’t be said for obama because he doesn’t have that same history in America. The old skool racists insults don’t apply to him, would not be relevant, if that makes any sense. I mean think about it, lynching jokes and Klan imagery from the 20s? Barack’s lineage has nothing to do with that.

While Africans were oppressed and colonized too, their history is still a separate experience from the American historical experience.

I think Dr. Steele is right and he doesn’t have to be quiet just to keep idiots like Limbaugh from making comments. Rush Limbaugh will make comments ANYWAY. if you say Michelle Obama is intelligent or beautiful, he’d have something to say about that to.

So on this one, I think the civil right-ers should be let off the hook. It’s not playing “the race card,” just pointing out a fact.

Written by blacksnob

June 24, 2008 at 3:20 pm