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Ah … The Young At Heart!

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The Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey (Canery?) “We’re in love, really. Stop asking” Tour shut down an amusement park to get their Tweety Bird on.

I can’t even come up with comments for this. Six Flags? Really? Six “fucking” Flags?

Don’t get me wrong, The Snob loves Six Flags. Underneath all my cyncism does beat the heart of a child who loves the Batman roller coaster as much as the Old Mine Train roller coaster. We have an awesome Six Flags in Eureka, Mo. called Six Flags Over Mid America. I have fond memories of hanging with “The Clique” of me and my girls (including my BFF Tiffany). Walking around, flirting with boys and trying to keep from passing out from dehydration because it’s late Spring in the Mo. and it’s 100 degrees out with a humidity level of Brazilian Rain Forest.

I also remember how couples would get matching Nike or Tommy Hilfiger outfits and take some Sears pictures together before heading to the park looking exactly alike. Pants, shirt, everything. It was like clone love fever. Even I did it one year with a dude who was totally NOT my boyfriend, but we were almost dating, homey-lover-friends hence the matching outfits.

I now look back with shame on it. (I was a girly-girl then and he liked chicks who dressed like old school TLC in dude clothes. Totally NOT SNOB.) So when I look at those old photos I look really stupid in braids and that Nike outfit, but that was then. This is now.

Mimi and Nick. Show me how the non-Sears picture taking crowd does it.

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Written by blacksnob

May 16, 2008 at 6:30 pm