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Merry Christmas from The Snob, Glitter and Chuckles

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Happy Holidays from Glitter n’ Chuckles! Kiss big baby Jesus for Mimi while you wait for Nick to put on the red suit and drive a sleigh lead by a team of My Little Ponies with Sparkle Pony sparkling the way (of course)! Rainbow Brite’s got shotgun with pookie n’ em! Wildin’ out, as always.

I love how cartoon Nick and Mariah look nothing like real life Nick and Mariah. And I like how cartoon Mariah is nice n’ “I just got back from Acapulco” brown, but still has super blonde hair. Awesome. Where’s that pesky barf bag? Anyway, I just did this to torture you because you were all such good sports about my Glitters n’ Chuckles blog hijacking from November.

Now, I’m going to eat some German chocolate cake and watch a bazillion movies. Unless something breaks I’ll see ya’ Monday. Stay totally Sparkle Pony n’ shizz! (Copy of Xmas card from MCODB)


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December 24, 2008 at 7:47 pm

Christmas In Hawaii: The Obamas Say Goodbye to "Toot"

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On Tuesday, President-Elect Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and several other friends and family members attended a ceremony in honor of Obama and Soetoro-Ng’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, whom they called Toot.

After a service at the First Unitarian Church, her ashes were scattered at a seaside memorial in Honolulu. (Photos from Associated Press and Reuters)

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December 24, 2008 at 5:10 pm

The Media Continues It’s Blagojevich Wall-to-Wall Speculation Watch

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… and now I’m bored.

There are a lot of things wrong with this idle, yet obsessive speculation on whether or not President-Elect Barack Obama or his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hob-nobbed with the Rod, but almost all those things are conversation enders and without the conversation what would anyone have to talk about? We’d be looking at a Christmas holiday of nothing but Obama “shirtless” coverage. Dullsville. Much more fun to pretend like the scandal surrounding Gov. “Hot” Rod Blagojevich has given the Obama transition team the clap.

But for the sake of argument, here are a few “conversation killers”:

1) Rahm hates Blago.

2) Obama hates Blago.

3) Blago hates Obama and Rahm and allegedly complained about it quite verbally.

4) Everyone in the entire state of Illinois knew Hot Rod was under investigation by the Feds as the man has been under some form of investigation for more than two years.

5) And because Blago was under investigation no politician, regardless of party, wanted shit to do with him, including Obama who, mind you, was the Democratic nominee for president and didn’t invite the governor of his state to speak at the convention, on the stump, as a surrogate or at the park after he won.

Gee. It’s almost like Obama wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAN!

But, please, ignore all the empirical evidence of folks running away from Hot Rod as fast as they can. Heavens to Betsy, what would we talk about if we listened to the obvious? I suppose Blago could have just been complaining about Obama’s team for poops n’ giggles. Not because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted or that they wouldn’t play ball. Nope. Everyone sounds like good, good buddies here. Didn’t the Obamas invite Hot Rod to Hawaii for fruitcake and body surfing?

Wait? He didn’t?

Never mind.

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December 24, 2008 at 12:10 am

More Obama In Hawaii, Now Shirtless

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I was going to bury this because it feels so odd to ogle the president, but … eh, screw it. Shirtless pics are going up top!

He played some golf too. (And yes, I got all ninty-billion of your notes and emails about Obama being shirtless! Yes! I got them ALL!!!)

This is going to be the most awkwardly sexy four-to-eight years ever. Also, are we joining the rest of the world in shirtless world leaders? If so, Hopey McChangey’s abs kicks Putin’s abs ass. And all disputes between our two countries should be settle with ab-offs.

But, back to serious business now. Nothing to see here! Move along! Enjoy the golfing pictures. Aren’t they great? What? No, I don’t want to discuss the shirtless pictures. YES, I’m aware I posted them. They’re from TMZ and he’s allegedly doing the laundry on his washboard abs, they joked. (Shirtless tip from Gawker, of course.)

They were taken along with several others of the family at the vacation home by gossip site Bauer-Griffin. It was a nightmare just to view the few pictures I did on their blog, (the site is all kinds of not working today), but it’s worth it. There are tons of pictures on there. Although, if both the Washington Press corps and the paparazzi are all going to stalk the Obamas at once this is going to be an odd presidency.

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December 22, 2008 at 6:54 pm

Christmas In Hawaii

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As we all know, the Obama familial quartet boarded the plane to sunny Hawaii for the holidays.

Those lucky duckies.

While I freeze my ass off in St. Louis, feel free to enjoy what little I’ve found so far of the family heading to Hawaii and their arrival this weekend.

They couldn’t get out of there soon enough. My sister lived in Chicago for several years and to this day temperatures that would chill a normal person are like a spring day to her.

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December 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm

The Rick Warren Debate

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President-Elect Barack “No Drama” Obama opened up a giant can of what the hell this week, when it was announced that controversial evangelical pastor, Rev. Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church, would give the invocation at the inauguration.

Warren, quite famously, is against gay marriage and came out for California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage. The ballot proposition was pushed after the courts declared it discriminatory to allow heterosexuals the right of marriage but not homosexuals. Naturally, all kinds of people have cried foul, most notably in the gay, lesbian, transgendered community, as well as a host of Liberals and progressives. And while I understand what Obama is trying to do here (re: be inclusive, reach out to evangelicals), there are a host of evangelical ministers he could have invited to the big show who wouldn’t have arrived with nearly as much baggage.

“My blood pressure is really high right now,” said Rev. Chuck Currie, minister at Parkrose Community United Church of Christ in Portland, Oregon. “Rick Warren does some really good stuff and there are some areas that I have admired his ability to build bridges between evangelicals and mainline religious and political figures… but he is also very established in the religious right and his position on social issues like gay rights, stem cell research and women’s rights are all out of the mainstream and are very much opposed to the progressive agenda that Obama ran on. I think that he is very much the wrong person to put on the stage with the president that day.”

Warren does have a rather peculiar relationship with the incoming president. The two share a general ethos that political differences should not serve as impediments to progress. On topics like AIDS and poverty relief, they see eye-to-eye. But Warren’s domestic and social agendas are at odds with Obama’s. And for the gay and lesbian community in particular, the choice is a bitter pill to swallow.

“Pastor Warren, while enjoying a reputation as a moderate based on his affable personality and his church’s engagement on issues like AIDS in Africa, has said that the real difference between James Dobson and himself is one of tone rather than substance,” read a statement from People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert. “He has repeated the Religious Right’s big lie that supporters of equality for gay Americans are out to silence pastors. He has called Christians who advance a social gospel Marxists. He is adamantly opposed to women having a legal right to choose an abortion.” (Huffington Post)

Warren is sort of in the running for that unofficial position of “national spiritual leader,” a la Billy Graham. That particular evangelical minister attended 10 inaugurations (almost all of them) since President Dwight Eisenhower. He also showed up for other big events like the occasional “bless the war” ceremony. It’s a nice, influential position and with Graham old and sickly, there is some chatter about who will step into his shoes. Since it’s not the sort of thing you can apply for, all you can do is do your darnedest to hop on any and all hot topics that would put you in the middle of the political fray. Warren did this during the election, hosting a debate of sorts where Warren sat down individually with Obama and his opponent John McCain and shot the shit.

Mama Snob joked that Obama might as well have picked Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Father Michael Phleger if his intent was to have a good, vocal minority of people go into pique. (I offered up Jesse n’ Al, too, as all parties suggested would equally piss off someone, or everyone, at once.) But I’d argue that it was easier to pick someone who would irk Liberals and progressives because there has been a long-standing knowledge that you can push pinkos around because the modern right wing is so far right we truly have no other place to go.

Unless we’re going to all start voting for Ralph Nader or something.

Therefore this is the latest indignity to endure.

All I ask is that Warren remembers that the inauguration is about the presidency, not CONTROVERSIAL CULTURE WAR ISSUE OF THE DAY, and will just give the invocation without pissing of 48 percent of the country. The announcement has already distracted and derailed the news cycle. But I think Warren will keep-it-simple-stupid, because he is a smart guy and wants to be Graham’s heir apparent. And you don’t get to be Graham’s heir by being unpalatable, like crazy Pat Robertson or dearly departed but also crazy Jerry Falwell OR by being kind of skeevie, like Creflo Dollar, OR by being too vague, like Joel Osteen.

In a statement Warren recently released, he praised Obama for picking him and kept everything on message.

I commend President-elect Obama for his courage to willingly take enormous heat from his base by inviting someone like me, with whom he doesn’t agree on every issue, to offer the Invocation at his historic Inaugural ceremony.

Hopefully individuals passionately expressing opinions from the left and the right will recognize that both of us have shown a commitment to model civility in America.

The Bible admonishes us to pray for our leaders. I am honored by this opportunity to pray God’s blessing on the office of the President and its current and future inhabitant, asking the Lord to provide wisdom to America’s leaders during this critical time in our nation’s history.

So while I wouldn’t have gone for someone who equated homosexuality with incest and pedophillia, in the end, I think everything will be fine. On the left, people will be offended. On the right people will be confused. (Many are wondering why Warren would give this sort of “endorsement” to someone who is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights. But, obviously, Warren has a plan too.) And if it were me, I probably would have picked someone who either no one’s ever heard of, was a 1960s Civil Rights activist or Osteen because I’m a punk and would not have wanted something as silly as pastor pickin’ to become the drama-rama du jour on Hardball. But that’s me. How did Obama’s latest pastor pick sit with you?

And what IS IT WITH THIS MAN AND PASTORS? I know he’s church shopping in Washington, D.C. Maybe he should let someone else pick this time. I’m sure someone in D.C. can point him and Michelle to the least controversial, all Jesus all, the time, Christian church in D.C.

BTW: As if to balance out Warren, Civil Rights activist, pastor and pro-gay rights Liberal Rev. Joe Lowery is giving the beneditcion. Lowery is best known of late for using the Coretta Scott King’s funeral to call out President Bush. Another moment in the Bush presidency that was hilarious, although (like with the shoe throwing) it was pretty rude to use a funeral to bash our craptastic president. That didn’t mean I didn’t laugh, but … dude. There was a funeral going on.

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December 19, 2008 at 5:19 pm

Hustlenomics*: Inappropriately Hot Young Obama Picture Is Already A T-Shirt!

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And its available for you for the low, low price of $22 (plus shipping and handling).

As I wrote last month, the economy and the election of Barack Obama have spawned a perfect storm for the hardworking hustlemen and women of North America.

You see them everywhere selling their hastily created Obama-themed wares. And they move FAST! Why, it was just Wednesday when Time Magazine released those smokity-smoke-smoke-hot pictures of a young, college Kid Creole Obama and the hustle people are already cracking away. This time with an unwilling “this thing looks like that thing” assist from Bambu Rolling Papers. Only, no one slid Bambu any “papers” for using bastardized versions of their images, so they’re calling the lawyers.

Soooo … get ’em while they’re legal!

*Is “Hustlenomics” a class at Columbia yet? And if not, why? And if you’re a economist looking for a trendy book idea with a cute title, this could be your “Freakanomics” only with flea market pushers, bootleggers and masters of Photoshop and I’m just giving it away!

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December 18, 2008 at 11:30 pm