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McCain to Appear on SNL This Weekend

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Hey! I didn’t know New York was a battleground state!

From Gawker:

Senator John McCain will appear on the popular “sketch comedy” television program Saturday Night Live this weekend. McCain hosted the show in 2002, so he’s no stranger to their fun-loving antics. The only difference is that this time out, McCain is, we’re told, running for president, and the election is on Tuesday. So, sure, hanging out in New York City sounds good, why not. Barack Obama was rumored to be considering an appearance too, but it seems like he might spend the weekend before the election campaigning in swing states?

Personally, I would be obsessively hitting western Pennsylvania and Ohio trying to flip those states in my direction, not chatting it up with Lorne Michaels and Seth Myers, but I’m not going to tell McMaverick how to do his McMavericking. He’s obviously a professional at pulling jack moves. And since the Obama Campaign has decided to show NO MERCY and start airing ads in Georgia, North Dakota and McCain’s own backyard of Arizona, it’s Murderball out there, people! Make your own rules!

That said, what is SNL going to do with this election is over? The race for Commander-In-Chief of What Bush Broke will be dunzo in a matter of days. They’ll have to go back to relying on Paris Hilton and Laser Cats — and maybe it’s my ovaries, but I don’t find Laser Cats funny at all.


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October 31, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Jon Stewart on the "O-mercial"

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Lovin’ the Richard Pryor movie reference. Very nice.

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October 31, 2008 at 9:30 pm

Happy Halloween From Glitter and Chuckles!

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“Glitter and Chuckles” are my new pet names for Honeymooners Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. I’ve never seen two people take THIS many pictures of themselves in little outfits with cakes or cookies or theme park characters in costume. Everyday is picture day at Sears and Hazelwood Day at Six Flags Over Mid-America for these people.* Gotta love ’em.

*Inside joke: Back in the high school in the 90s every teen sweetheart couple went to Sears to have pictures taken together, often in matching outfits, which they then wore to “Hazelwood Day” aka “Six Flags Day” in St. Louis. I went to Hazelwood Central High School, the largest school in the Hazelwood district, one of the largest school districts in the state of Missouri. What I’m saying is, Nick and Mariah are totally high school, but that’s OK. Mariah still doodles rainbows and butterflies on everything and is probably really into Lisa Frank.

Oh, and I like how Mariah is rocking the black man’s cookies! Famous Amos!

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October 31, 2008 at 8:30 pm

Fashionable News with Michelle Obama

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J. Crew knows who they’re sending a gift basket this Christmas! Her first name is Michelle and her last name rhymes with “Yo Mama!”

From New York Magazine’s fashion blog, The Cut:

The top and cardigan she wore were far from overlooked. By yesterday afternoon, the J.Crew in Rockefeller Center pulled all the cardigans off the racks to reserve for customers who called that morning and put them on hold. We called the J.Crew on Prince Street this afternoon, and they had the skirt and cardigan in our size.

A spokeswoman for J.Crew told us the company is “very excited” by the response and could not reveal the quantity of Obama duds still in stock, but said the clothes are “selling out.” She added, “We’d love to do a ball gown for her” — as in for the inauguration ball if Obama wins. She said they’ve tried to approach the campaign but haven’t been able to get through. “I think they’re thinking about Tuesday.” Hm … maybe.

Like a one-woman stimulus package, Michelle Obama is doing her part to uplift the sagging retail market. By announcing to the world she got her yellow ensemble from J. Crew on The Tonight Show and that she shops on-line (because you can’t always get to a mall when you’re criss-crossing America trying to get your man elected and raise two precocious daughters), she has given J. Crew the same shot in the arm of fashion frenzy she gave White House/Black Market and still pester Chicago designer Maria Pinto. Newbie designer Thankoon Panichgul has also appreciated Mrs. O shout-outs to the Prêt-à-Porter crowd.

Also, Red Carpet Fashion Awards blog wants to know who rocked the Thankoon better!

First off, Julianne Moore’s calves look stunning. Someone has been hitting the gym. But the dress looks boxy on her. Mostly because Moore is thinner, so the dress hangs loose, while on Michelle, it hugs the curves. Personally, I hate this dress on both of them simply because I dislike the schizophrenic pattern, but feel free to voice your opinions on who made the Thankoon sing.

And love them or hate them, here is a link to the soon-to-be legends tag team behind Michelle O. pins of (could-be) victory — London’s Erickson Beamon.

Also benefiting from the “What is Michelle wearing” economy, designers Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson are responsible for just about every pin we’ve loved and/or complained about since the Democratic National Convention. (As seen on the above Thankoon dress.)

Here’s a sample of their work from Electric, it reminds me of a more posh version of Betsy Johnson’s frenetic jewelry work (to go with her frenetic, sometimes cute, sometimes crazy clothes).

And them pin t’ain’t cheap! Lowest price I’ve seen is $305. (And you don’t wanna know about the necklaces!)

And a side Michelle Fashion Note: A few right wingers/conservatives have linked to my Michelle O. fashion postings to point out that Obama wears expensive, trendy duds as if this rebuffs the kerfuffle over a certain Sarah Palin and her RNC purchased suits.

One, for the record, I didn’t give a crap about the RNC spending $150,000 to dress Sarah Barracuda. To me it was a funny story, but not a non-starter. Usually they wait until you get to D.C. to give you the makeover, but they started early with her. No big. And she is part of the packaging, a walking, talking, defaming advertisement for the campaign. I figured they just made her part of the promotional budget.

Secondly, the controversy, as I understood it, wasn’t that she was wearing expensive clothes (although some wrongly razzed her for that), it was that the RNC spent $150,000 dressing her and they were not Palin’s clothes, somehow undercutting Palin’s mystic. The DNC did not dress the Obamas. (Or the Bidens) Michelle’s been spending her own cash on everything from Pinto originals to J. Crew. And Michelle Obama isn’t running for vice president. So I think it’s a lazy comparisson. You’d be better off using my, “Who cares it’s just clothes! Is that the best you can come up with, you sexist?!?!” argument, but … do what you gotta do, my conservative bloggers! I appreciate the links anyway.

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October 31, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Chris Matthews Searches and Finds His Inner "Negro Lament"

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After the “O-mercial” Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews sat down and had a little chat about it. After calling it effective and romantic Matthews, suddenly, as if reading from some stage play entitled “A Black Man’s Lament,” went into a lengthy rant how Barack Obama and the Obamas as a family have done EVERYTHING America has ever said black people needed to do, yet, some whites were still recalcitrant in accepting Obama, maybe more interested in forever moving the racial acceptance goal posts on “what a brotha has to do to be your new black BFF.”

Chris, apparently, so moved by the O-mercial, can’t take it anymore. If you still think Barack Obama isn’t American enough why … why … why … Chris Matthews doesn’t like you very much right now. As I said to a friend, “Chris has converted suddenly from Catholicism to Negroism … Like he went ‘THAT’S IT! I’ve gone black and I’m NEVER GOING BACK! Bring on the chittlins!‘”

(What’s an Irish brotha gotta do to get you to vote for Obama rant begins at 2:50 on the video clip.)

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October 31, 2008 at 4:00 pm

The Riggle Sanchez Gets A Goat By the Throat

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Normally I can’t stand Rick Sanchez’s 2 p.m. show on CNN because it is all over the place, no one talks for longer than 30 seconds on any given subject and it gives me seizures to see him bounce from “Twitter” board to “Facebook” page, all which seem too informal in a news setting. But even CNN’s own personal Latino Rob Riggle does something Snob-worthy once-in-a-while and this, sir and/or ma’am, is it.

That McCain flack didn’t know whose show he just stepped into, just making shizz up in front of Rob … I mean, Rick Riggle … I mean … Rob Sanchez, I mean … The Riggle Sanchez don’t PLAY that! You start naming names when you slander, Mr. McCainiac. NAME NAMES! No we don’t know who you are referring to! (Via The Huffington Post)

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October 31, 2008 at 2:30 pm

John McCain As Rodney Dangerfield

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He can’t get no respect! The man with the nom de guerre “Joe the Plumber” was a no show at a John McCain rally Thursday not helping Senator Walnut Cheeks on bit. CNN‘s The Situation Room reported the campaign had the crowd all hyped because Sam Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber” was supposed to be in the audience. But he wasn’t. In fact he was a complete no show because:

A) He canceled on the campaign and McCain’s aides didn’t get the news to Johnny Mac in time

B) The campaign never confirmed with Wurzelbacher about him being at the rally

Wurzelbacher, according to CNN, put it all on the McCain campaign, claiming they asked him about it, but never followed up. When the staff tried to fix things by arranging for Joe to attend a later rally, Wurzelbacher shut-in-down, miffed about his name being brought up at the earlier rally when he was not there. But all the kinks were worked out in the end, and Wurzelbacher and McCain eventually shared the stage for the same time.

Did I ever mention how insanely dumb I think all this Joe Plumber/Wurzelbacher stuff is? Never mind …

Considering that Joe is doing everything from flacking (poorly) on FOX News for McCain to possibly cutting a country album, Joe is pimping his 15 minutes to the max.

“Joe” — aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, a Holland, Ohio, pipe-and-toilet man — just signed with a Nashville public relations and management firm to handle interview requests and media appearances, as well as create new career opportunities, including a shift out of the plumbing trade into stage and studio performances.

On Tuesday, Wurzelbacher joined country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin to form a new partnership that includes booking-management firm Bobby Roberts and publicity-management concern The Press Office to field the multiple media offers he’s received over the past few weeks. (Politico)

Whoo, boy, said Sarah Palin to herself, who’s the diva now?

But Jon Stewart tried to warn his ol’ friend Sen. John McCain about plucking random folks from obscurity and making them surrogates.

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October 31, 2008 at 2:00 pm